Please Add Me....I need all the help I can get

I am trying to lose 25 pounds in all. My husband and I started eating better a few months ago and he lost 22 lbs, but no worries I think I found them lol. Just started trying to eat small meals every 2-3 hours. Cross your fingers for me.


  • zacksnana
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    Good luck! Just keep going and log everything!! It works.
  • heidispideymfp
    heidispideymfp Posts: 179 Member
    Good luck with your journey.
  • Just_Kisha
    Just_Kisha Posts: 189 Member
    Thank you
  • Ugh, I feel your pain. My husband and me started working out about a month ago and he has lost 15lbs and I have gained 2. Boo.
  • TammyToes03
    TammyToes03 Posts: 96 Member
    Good luck. My husband and I are doing the same. I can sacrifice like crazy and barely loose and he can give up one single bad habit and be lazier than me and he drops no problem. Lol
  • Jhearn2011
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    Hi! I will add you :) and I feel your struggle. ..GOOD LUCK!