Do you ALWAYS track?



  • Noreenmarie1234
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    I always track but sometimes I don't like if I am going to a birthday party, holiday dinner, or a special event.
  • Determined_Missy
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    Tracking is very important to my success, but when my birthday comes, I am not going to worry about tracking. I will get right back on track though.
  • Slumbreon
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    I always track, approaching 900 days, every day. Have had lots of 'red' days for one reason or another, logging them keeps me from deluding myself. I remember that It's data, it's not a judgement. For me, choosing to not log bad days would be like pretending they didn't happen, and that's a path that doesn't end well. Approaching 1.5 years at my maintenance weight, and that's a record for me.
  • kanerz14
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    Hi OP.

    I can't imagine not tracking. At the moment I'm trying to maintain weight. I dont trust my self to be able to track accurately using just my mind.
    Tracking helps me keep an eye on trends and if I'm gradually slipping back into old habits.

    If im out at a resteraunt. I try and plan ahead by looking online at their menus, and estimating the calories if its not directly on database. It is time consuming but its now a habit.

    I don't agree with people saying its an OCD thing,
    As I feel that has a negative connotation. No one should feel guilty for tracking their diet daily and as prescisely as possible.

  • JustSomeEm
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    If I know I'm going over but don't feel like logging every single bite, I tend to "quick add" calories. That way I'm still owning the fact that I went a over-board, but am not beating myself up for it. Plus, when I do go over by a significant number of calories I've generally made a conscious decision not to care. I've had quite a few of those days lately. So yes, I track it, but not every single bite. I know what to do if I hit my maintenance cap, so no big deal for me. :)
  • Timorous_Beastie
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    I don't track on weekends, holidays, or sometimes, when I just don't feel like doing it. That doesn't mean I eat everything in sight, but it's nice to just nibble on a handful of pretzels without weighing them on the scale and logging them on MFP.

    I look at it as the same thing as taking a walk interval when out running. Sure, it might make my overall pace a little slower, but it makes the run more enjoyable and I'll still finish the distance I set out to finish. Same goes with the way I eat. Taking a break from logging makes life more enjoyable, and I'll still reach my goal. Maybe I'd reach it a little faster if I didn't take breaks, but that's fine with me.

    Eating right and exercise is supposed to be something that enhances my life. If I'm overly obsessed with calories and grams and macros, or miles, pace and PRs, it's not enhancing my life.

    (And yeah, I know old saying that "obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe dedicated." I know I'm not a happy person when I'm "too dedicated.")
  • aciuti
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    Never stop tracking! You'll be surprised how good you feel. If you go over, no problem. Enjoy. Then get back on track. You'll see that you will learn how to enjoy special days too. This is a long term thing, keep going... and tracking. Ciao
  • aciuti
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    And happy birthday! :)
  • rainbow198
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    I always keep track of what I'm eating. Vacations, weekends, birthdays etc.


    Seeing what I am consuming helps me to fit things in and plan things out and keeps me in control.

    Working hard everyday to maintain my 80 lbs loss and for me tracking has been a crucial part of not gain any weight back.

  • lovabee
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    I often don't log my food on special occasions like birthdays. You get a feeling after a while for how much you can eat anyway. If you eat more every now and then, don't worry. It will not have much of an impact. You could also even it out by eating at a deficit again for the following 2-3 days.
    I also wouldn't want to weigh my piece of birthday cake with a food scale when at a party, only to make sure I didn't go over my calorie goal. Enjoy these days.
  • Jubee13
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    What I ended up doing was logging in and recording my exercise, then I didn't track my food on my birthday. Yes I ate too much but I enjoyed it. The next day I got right back to tracking. I enjoyed the freedom of not tracking on my bd but the next day I was ready to start back. This worked for me and I plan to not track on special days. It's a good balance for me.
    We all have to find our own way and do what works for us. I enjoyed hearing different experiences!
  • sunrise611
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    I have been maintaining for a few years and always track. It helps me stay on track.

    However, I guesstimate when I don't know the calories or don't have time to log every detail like on holidays and special occasions. I figure something is better than nothing even if it is not perfectly accurate that day.
  • CrabNebula
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    I always try to keep some mental log of what I have eaten. If I can't calorie track, I portion track.

    My birthday will be the first major event where I may suspend both forms of tracking for the first time in two years. Thinking about going to a calorie bomb burger joint where I have drooled looking at the pics of the desserts. I already ruined it for myself to some extent reading the nutritional info (most burgers easily north of 1k cals each, the supposed 'light menu' not much better, and the desserts? hahahahaha!), but man, once a year? Sure, time to splurge!