Sweating more? New low carb diet effect?

i started low carb diet Monday. At my work outs I have noticed I have been sweating double the amount I normally would. Could this be from my change in diet if so why?


  • hill8570
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    FWIW, when I first switched to eating high protein for weightlifting (not necessarily low carb, but I did have to cut some carbs to make room for the protein in my calorie budget), I tended to feel very flushed / sweaty, especially after a protein-heavy meal. Since low carb tends to be pretty high-protein, you might be having a similar reaction.
  • jmac4263
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    I just dont know anything else that would be causing this to happen and its in direct correlation with my diet change I just dont know why the lower carb diet would make me sweat more......
  • Pinkranger626
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    If you're eating more vegetable and fruits they naturally have more water in them then say, bread. You could be sweating more simply because you're taking in more water without realizing it.
  • AmythestHunter
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    Protein is a slow burner, so your body has to burn the fat instead of the fast burning carbs it had before... Do you tend to sweat more where you store the most fat? I always know when I had I high protein/low carb day by the sweat around my lower abs and hips... I look like I wet myself from how much I sweat... (Hate it but know I am burning the fat away!)
  • jmac4263
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    I wouldnt say its area specific but I know I went from eating alot of carbs in a day to no more than 60g a day all this week. Monday when it first happened I thought it was maybe just warmer in the gym but then when I had the same issue on tuesday and wednesday, which I do weights every other and cardio only on opposite days I knew something was up and it had to be with my diet change and I wasnt sure why. I guess if I am eating less carbs my body probably doesnt retain the water as much, I dunno it thought it was odd so I just wanted to see if others had experienced it or knew why!!
  • DopeItUp
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    Weird. I'm currently eating basically zero carb (less than 20 a day) and noticed no difference.
  • jmac4263
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    How long have you been eating that many carbs and how many were you eating before you went to less than 20?