Fat & Unhealthy.... but I'm back

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A bit of a long intro, but I just want to share this and ask a couple of questions, I ask for your indulgence.
I've always had trouble with my weight, I was "The Fat Kid" from the earliest I could remember. When I came to Japan 25 years ago I was in decent shape, about 84 Kg and very active. I did a martial art called Aikido, and I trained a LOT.
Got married, had some kids, got VERY busy and stopped doing Aikido. Over the years I've worked very hard and I've gotten badly out of shape.

My worst was 136Kg.

A few years ago I got back into shape, started riding bicycles again and got down to about 105Kg. Then things fell apart, a bout of cancer, and bad case of osteoarthritis in both knees really slowed me down. I get injections every three weeks so I can walk, but no more long walks for me. I was on the FitBit thing a few years ago, one day I walked 21Km, but that is no more.

I know I really have to concentrate on the food I eat, not the exercise I can do.
Then the other day I woke at about 6:30AM with a horrible weight on my chest and tightness, I really thought that was it, I'm going to die. I could not move, I just laid there waiting for the end. It felt like it went on for an hour, but most likely it was 15 min or less. I just laid there afraid to move. I then woke up at my regular time and told my wife I needed to go to the doctor.

After many tests the heart specialist says I did NOT have a heart attack, but a form of angina called Coronary Spasm, where the coronary artery collapses and restricts blood getting to the heart.
My blood pressure is a bit high, but not drastically so.
My good HDL cholesterol is low at 36 mg/dal it should be between 41-84 mg/ dl.
My bad LDL cholesterol is high at 0.61 mg/dl it should be between 0-0.3 mg/dl.

The doctor put me on Crestor 2.5mg once a day, this is a cholesterol lowering drug.

If you have read this far, thank you :)

Now I was told by the doctor to NOT eat these foods:
Fish eggs

Now mention of HFCS or carbs, I don't eat a lot of eggs, and really nothing on that list is something I over indulge in (especially the fish eggs, yuck!) Is there not new data out there debunking a lot of the "Bad cholesterol from milk, eggs and butter" argument? Is my doctor out of step?

I've cut all grains from my diet, and the only sugar I get is from an orange or apple I eat.
Thank you all for indulging me by letting me share this, I hope I've not wasted your time.



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    Congratulations on taking control of your life. Yes, I think your Doctor is going on old myths. You will be amazed at what getting that weight off of you will do for your health. No need to do exercise that hurts just monitor your calories and you will see results
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    I just downloaded "Clarity, What the HDL is wrong with my numbers!" looks like a very interesting read.