Hikes, Deficits, and Muscles!



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    PAV8888 wrote: »
    I'm sure you've heard the adage where the best exercise to perform is... the one you actually do perform, right?

    YES!!!! I run. With no issues, except dealing with all the concerns of friends and loved ones who fear running.
    PAV8888 wrote: »
    And it is that I decided that I will take the lowest hanging fruit with the smallest barrier to entry (and even more so smallest barrier to re-entry after injury, sickness, other life exigencies or interruptions) to ensure that the barriers to continuing compliance remain as low as possible for me for as long as possible.

    You seem like you have traveled a million miles and grown considerable wiser from the PAV8888 who decided to slog seven hours and suffer for three days afterward.

    "... continued compliance....for as long as possible" is t-shirt worthy. Cheers to our continuity.