Newbie to mfp AGAIN.. Need some friends and motivation

hey ;)
I'm Steph.. I'm a curvy chick with an hourglass looking to shed another 40 odd pound to get back to my pre pregnancy weight! Ohhh I'm also a British chick


  • lucytyrrell15
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    Hi Steph, I'm also British. I'm trying to lose Mum tum too! It's taken it's time, my daughter is 8! Good luck with your fitness journey. Feel free to add me, always good to have more friends on hear for motivation :)
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  • Querian
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    I'm only about 7 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight but want to lose another 40 pounds after I get there :)
  • syedumairtelecom
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    Hey all you curvy girl if you wana some workout tips or motivation i can help you.
  • I've lost all the weight from my previous pregnancy. I just want to get to my weight at booking in when I had my first child 9 years ago. X