daily "diet" before deciding to lose weight?



  • KxCoyote
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    Pop, constantly drinking it. Nothing else but pop.
    Food was mostly snacks, constantly munching on either cereal or chips. Always eating, school breakfasts were often bready-sugary things, school lunches were usually fried things, or pizza.

    Just constantly eating, hungry or not just to keep my hands busy. Grew up like that. Was a hard, hard habit to break. Especially the pop, quitting the caffeine was the hardest.
  • Velum_cado
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    Generally, nothing for breakfast. When I did have breakfast it was peanut butter and toast, or a huge bowl of sugary kids' cereal.

    Lunch was usually a big bowl of cheesy pasta, or jacket potato with lots of tuna and mayo, or cheese, mayo, and onion.

    Dinner was sort of similar to my dinners now, just bigger portions, with more cheese, mayo, butter - that type of thing.

    Snacks were chips, cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, or peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches.

  • 6spdeg
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    lol funny to read ppl missed breakfast.. I LOVE BREAKFAST why miss perfect time to start eating lol??? I never wasted a moment.. never really cared for sweets a whole lot but damn if i didnt love food and meals.
  • ellie78
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    Breakfast was eggs and toast, probably some cheese in there. Lunch would probably be the biggest size sandwich I could get from anyplace near work, snacks were granola bars and fruit. Dinner was a free for all, lots of pasta with loads of cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, blt's, veggie burgers. Anything fast and easy. That would be during the week.

    The weekend was when I went on mega binge mode. Too much alcohol, an entire pizza, biscuits and gravy, a burrito and a quesadilla from Qdoba (in one sitting), a loaf of french bread....it goes on. I don't know how I ever fit that much food in me, but I did track it once and I was routinely hitting around 4000 calories a day on weekends not including alcohol consumption.
  • momzeeee
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    I would start eating as soon as I woke up, because you're 'supposed' to eat breakfast. That would set off an all day grazing/snacking format where I was eating every hour until bedtime. When I decided to lose weight I had to really evaluate how I was eating and realized I need to change my eating schedule. For weight loss I did ADF, which alternated with low calorie/normal calorie days and now for maintenance I do 8:16 IF and break my fast at 11am, and I'm totally done eating by 7pm. Doing this has allowed me to lose almost 50lbs and maintain now effortlessly, without counting calories or tracking anything :)
  • kganc001
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    Love this topic!

    -No breakfast or Hardee's breakfast. My favorite was sausage gravy and 2 biscuits.
    -Lunch: Whatever was convenient. Either a microwave meal, a sandwich, or a big bowl of take out Indian food and rice.
    -Dinner: Something huge from a restaurant. Big plate of pasta, sandwich and big plate of fries, etc.
    -Snack: I ate ALL DAY LONG. Swiss cakes, chips, etc.

  • kimcatus
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    Two or three bowls of cereal (but I used 2% milk, so I was being "healthy") or a stop at Jack in the Box
    Snacks all day at work...chips, candy, crackers, boxed snack cakes, etc
    Lunch was a weight watchers meal or a frozen microwavable pizza with more chips and candy, or maybe a trip to Taco Bell or Jack in The Box; when I was laid off I ate two frozen Totinos pizzas a day for lunch (emotional eating much?)
    Dinner was either restaurant food, or very huge portions of whatever we had for dinner
    After dinner snack of ice cream or boxed snack cakes
    Pop all day long, at least 6 cans a day

    I was also one of those that was always stuffed or starving....and funnily enough I kept telling myself that I really didn't eat that much! Until I started logging it. Wow.

    I can't believe I ate so much food. I can still put some back after a long run day or whatnot, but still....not the vast amounts that I used to eat on an everyday basis.
  • jasonpclement
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    Ritz crackers and peanut butter...ritz crackers and cream cheese. Childrens cereal....oh boy if I took a bite of any of those again, I think i'd be ravenous :)
  • squiggyflop
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    Basically the same stuff I eat now, only in massive quantities. Oh except I no longer eat those fatty pork chops because they are 1600 calories for one small chop. I cannot eat half of a pork chop. I just do not have the self control. Oh yeah and I cut out alcohol almost completely.
  • Joehenny
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    LOL I think I am the only one who's diet looked better when they were fat than when in shape.

    Mines was:

    Chk breast, tilapia, yams, rice, beans, dextrose powder, pasta, peanut butter, bread, turkey, fruits, veggies, eggs. Good ole bro foods. The problem was, I was eating all that plus regular foods thrown in, and of course the weekly cheat meals (binges) where I'd eat insane amounts of food. Last major cheat meal was a whole pizza, wings, a burrito and ice cream. I stopped and took a more holistic approach upon my start here.
  • No veggies, chips, CHOCOLATE, ice cream, cakes, sugary soft drink and two servings of dinner
  • abbylg1983
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    Ooh, fun.

    I used to eat a bowl of cereal every day for breakfast. On weekends I might have eggs and toast, but I'd still have a bowl of cereal with it. I'd usually have Kashi Heart to Heart, with skim milk. I bet I'd probably have 2-3 cups, so I'm guessing morning breakfast was usually around 400 calories.

    For lunch I had Smart Ones a lot. I love the rice and beans. I'd usually buy 4 boxes Monday morning and then go out for lunch Friday. I'd say my lunch varied between 300 and 500 calories.

    Snacks I'd have fruit, granola bars, and chips or crackers. Probably snacking was around 300 to 500 calories.

    Dinner has always been a struggle as my husband and I don't like the same things. Before him, I'd make spaghetti a lot. Or eat out. We eat lots of chicken now. I'd guess dinner was also around 300 to 500 calories.

    Before I joined myfitnesspal, my daily caloric intake was probably about 1,800-2,000 calories. I am guessing my TDEE was about the same, because I didn't usually gain or lose weight. But my diet was like, 90% carbs. Very little protein or fat. Not very many vegetables. Lots of bread and cereal as staples.
  • action_figure
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    Found it

    Daily example from back then.
    5 pancakes (large ones)
    scrambled eggs, at least 4
    a ton of syrup over all the above
    4 slices of toast.
    two or three sandwiches - ham and cheese were my fave but would settle for bologna and cheese
    half bag of chips...did not matter what kind.
    Huge pile of mashed potatoes, pry at least 2 or 3 cups
    half a stick of butter
    two maybe 3 dinner rolls
    some kind of meat (loved steak)

    During the day
    2, 3 candy bars
    the other half bag of chips
    chips and cheese (evening snack)
    Cookie dough - raw

    Stop spying on me! ;)

    Seriously. I ate like this.
  • GnomeLove
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    I would start the day of with a cup of green tea (a healthy habit which I have always kept). Then it would start to go downhill from there. I would eat leftovers from last night's dinner on either a sandwich or in burrito form. Some hours later I would make dinner. Usually something normal like Spaghetti, Tacos, a casserole, homemade pizza, red beans and rice, whatever. Most of the time I did make things at home, but there were never very many vegetables involved. I would eat dinner and never pay attention to portion size (I would just stuff things down my gullet until I was bored). Later on in the evening I may or may not have drank a large amount of alcohol while playing MMORPG's until 2 am.

    I walked my dog everyday.
  • bcattoes
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    I ate pretty much the same before as I did while losing. The difference for me was activity level. I went from sedentary to exercising regulary. My typical diet is to eat lower calories during the week and eat more on the weekends. I have a desk job and sit a lot Mon-Fri, and we like to host cookouts and drink more on the weekends so this just seems to make sense and work best for me.

    Most of my meals are home prepared so tend to be pretty balanced and healthy. During the week my diet is:

    Breakfast: cup of chocolate soy milk
    Lunch: usually leftovers or a sandwich wrap
    Dinner: Some type of protein - fish, chicken or beans are most common - lots of veggies, usually roasted or sauteed in olive oil, sometimes a grain - brown rice or quinoa are most common.
    Dessert - cocoa roast almonds, sometimes w/ berries
    Snacks - low sodium V8, dray roasted edamame, fruit, low sugar granola bars, soy or almond milk

    The weekends are pretty much that same type of foods, but more calories and meal times and number of meals vary and wine or beer are included. Also, more likely to have a sweet dessert on the weekend.
  • missshyeviolett
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    This past winter I fell into a very destructive pattern.

    Mcdonalds bacon/egg/cheese bagel and a coffee with TONS of cream for breakfast

    For lunch usually Chipotle, but an entire burrito with double rice and beans AND a side of chips/guac/soda

    Dinner was burgers or meatloaf or tacos with potatoes or tons of baked beans and usually no veggies at all.

    Then a dessert of some sort.

    This added up to about 3500 cals per day. I knew it was horrible and I was gaining weight at an alarming pace, but I was truly addicted to it all.
  • SuzyLy
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    Have always loved salads, steel cut oats, muesli, yogurt and especially ice cream; never was a big meat eater. I would go through a 1/2 gallon every two days. WHITE BREAD -- I loved, threw some bologna on it or PBJ, if I was in the mood for something not sweet. I am still a chocoholic -- fortunately I never liked french fries but loved any type of pasta. I would never deny myself beer or dark rum drinks, & thought nothing of the calorie content of having a few.

    Things have really changed . . . .