Weight loss partner

Maybe a weight loss partner is a good idea. I am not good with too many friends at once, would rather get to know 1-3 people a little better than habe 20+ friends.
Ideally, you lift most of the time and run some of the time. You are working on vanity pounds. I don't care about your gender.

I am 35, female, 5'4" and 129lbs, have been lifting for more than a year and ran a few 5Ks and one half marathon. My pace is around 9min per mile. I have kids but all in this paragraph is just fyi, you don't have yo be my twin!

I am having trouble staying on track, I keep falling off every other week and ot takes me 3-4 days to get back on - which basically means there is no progress right now. To me, the more I think and talk about fat loss, the more I am focused, the better I do. So I wanna chat more about meal choices, protein intake, PRs.