Saw this at the gym

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And thought some of you might get a kick out of it:

edit: Actually, my husband pointed it out to me, but it gave us both a good laugh.


  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
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    LOL. Love it.
  • JenAndSome
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    Nice. I may ask the staff at my Y to hang one similar. Then again I sometimes spend my rest times picking up after other people so if I didn't have that to do I would have to sit and awkwardly try to not stare at other people or my phone too much.
  • zdyb23456
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    I saw a sign at a rec center once that said "is your muffin top starting to become a layer cake?"

    I laughed every single time I walked past it! :)
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    Nice! My gym just fines you ... and publicly shames you by writing up the fine on one of the white boards.
  • BigLifter10
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    PERFECT! Need one of those at the gym I go to.
  • JoRocka
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    We have a few...

    one of which is Bieber flexing his little scrawny arms when he was like 13/14 with his backwards baseball cap- and it says- every time you don't re-rack your weights- Justin Bieber writes a new song.

    There is one of those batman KAPOW cartoons- and batman is slapping some villian and it says YOU FOOL_ RERACK YOUR WEIGHTS- or something.

    I love that our gym has a sense of humor.

    We had another one about cardio- but I can't remember it.
  • shelliftw
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    Sometimes the Y can be a humorous place :) I'm going to have to recommend to my local branch.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Mine has a similar sign... it says: "If you are too weak to put away the weights, you are too weak to try to lift them." (Paraphrasing)

    Until seeing the sign, I didn't realize that people were using lack of strength as an excuse for why they don't put stuff away.
  • neaneacc
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    OMG I wish our gym had this sign. For some reason it seems that the guys are more likely to leave the weights. This may be do to the fact that there are only like 3 to 5 girls that lift at my gym. I find myself weekly reminding my "gym friends" that I have no interest in unracking like 200 lbs to use the bench or squat rack.
  • terar21
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    This should be mass produced.
  • passionflwr1
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    haha! My Anytime Fitness gym has this up too. I think it made me people slam their weights harder though..
  • passionflwr1
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    made people*
  • DopeItUp
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    haha! My Anytime Fitness gym has this up too. I think it made me people slam their weights harder though..

    What does this sign have to do with slamming weights?