HRM question, general

Supermel Posts: 612 Member
When you use your HRM do you count the minutes following your workout when you are still burning higher than average calories? When do you start and stop to count as 'extra' burning? When i do housework on saturday, i am much more active than my 'lightly' active weekdays, and was thinking of wearing my monitor to see how much more i am burning than normal. How nit picky do you get logging extra activity? When working out, do you stop the min your 'session' is done, or do you keep it running a bit longer? TIA


  • Beleau
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    When the workout dvd ends so does my HRM time stops...

  • cobygrey
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    I stop my HRM when the workout stops.

    I don't count housework as extra activities but a lot of others do.
  • Dreaj79
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    I stop my HRM immediately after my workout ends. I don't count housework or any other ADL's in my calorie burn. I always assumed my settings (ie: sedentary, lightly active etc.) included my everyday stuff. The afterburn I get from exercise is just a bonus in my opinion.
  • Supermel
    Supermel Posts: 612 Member
    Thanks for your imput :) I don't count every day chores as extra activity at all. But normally during the afternoon, i'm at my desk, and on saturdays i'm busting my *kitten* around the house, since that is only one day a week, and that is very different, i was thinking of counting some of it...
  • selbyhutch
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    I let it run, but only for a few more minutes while I turn everything off & tidy up our gym... it's never more than 5. As for logging exercise, I make sure my calorie burn is accurate and don't worry about what time was logged. I never log housework, shopping ,etc... it's part of my daily activities.