Bolognese Sauce with chicken livers?

I have been browsing recipes for a traditional Bolognese sauce as I have never made this from scratch before. All recipes are pretty much the same with ground chuck, ground pork, and either a Panetta or cured bacon. I came across one that included 3oz of chicken livers that are browned. I have never cooked or tasted chicken liver. What does it taste like? would it add that much flavour to the sauce?


  • marmaladepixie
    marmaladepixie Posts: 83 Member
    they have an earthy sort of taste... i think for most people the texture can be hit or miss, they have a very pasty soft texture.
  • Tubbs216
    Tubbs216 Posts: 6,597 Member
    In Bolognese it cooks down and melts away so there's not any 'livery' texture left, if that's a concern. It adds extra savoury depth to the sauce. Having said that, I never use them. :)