I'm New to this, any advice??


  • snickerscharlie
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    Get a digital scale and weigh your food. All of it. :)
  • 999tigger
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    Start with reading up so you understand what you have to do and how it works.
    Make a plan, weigh your food and log accurately so you create a deficit consistently.
    Be consistent, patient and keep your expectations realistic, so you go for steady healthy weight loss.
    Dont demonise food and be your own best supporter and motivator. Weight loss is straightforward, keep it simple, dont stress commit and stay focused.

    You cna start with this thread to pick up some of the basics

    Good luck
  • jessicalawrence015
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  • Jerseygrrl
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    Don't rely only on the scale to determine success. Take photos and measurements monthly. Note how your clothes fit. Be kind to yourself. Make changes that are sustainable so that you are able to continue them even after you've reached your goal.
  • Sweets1954
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    Great advice from 999tiger! Depending on how much you want to lose, you may want to break it up into smaller goals so you can feel some success as you go along. Losing 10-20 lbs is a lot less intimating that looking at 50 lb or more! If you can preplan your meal and snacks for the day it can help you stay on track. If you go over one day, don't stress about it, just get back on track the next day. It will all even out!