Wanting MFP Friends with similar goals to keep me motivated! 5ft6 GW140lb


I'm 5ft 6, CW 160lb, GW 140lb.

I would love to gain more friends on here with similar goals to help keep me motivated! Or anyone that has made great progress with some useful tips would be fab too!



  • natalie3505
    natalie3505 Posts: 169 Member
    Hi there! I recently joined and have lost a few pounds so far. Im 5'5", SW - 170, CW - 167, GW - 140, maybe 130 depending on how i feel at 140.

    For me, tracking my food has been way easier than working out so far. It's hard to get motivated when I'm the only one in the house who cares about losing weight and getting healthier. I'm not giving up though! I want to feel healthy and good about myself, and also set a good example for my 5 kiddos.

    Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • Miles_to_Go
    Miles_to_Go Posts: 48 Member
    Hi all

    I've been on MFP since summer 2014.
    47 years old, 5'6"
    SW: 202
    CW: 158
    GW: 140, maybe 130 ultimately

    Weight loss was going smoothly until I got close to a healthy BMI (which is 154 for my height). Now it's slowed way down and I'm really struggling. Partly because it's harder to lose the closer you get to goal, partly because I'm slacking off a bit. I am losing about a pound a month right now, I know I could do better.

    I could use some folks with similar stats and goals to get motivated again. Please feel free to add me too!