eating a late breakfast ok??

I am at work by 6 am and I don't like to eat breakfast until 7:30-8:00.. I'm not hungry till then usually. I've heard to start your metabolism, I need to eat sooner-closer to when I get up ( which is 5am). Thoughts?


  • shireeniebeanie
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    It really doesn't matter. Eat whenever it works for you.
  • JPW1990
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    I had breakfast around 4pm today. It doesn't matter when you eat, or how often, only how much.
  • diannethegeek
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    Breakfast has very little to do with your metabolism. Eat whenever you want as long as you're staying within your calorie and nutrition goals.
  • ninerbuff
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    Meal timing is irrelevant. Total calories at the end of the day along with balanced macro/micro nutrients are what count.

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  • kommodevaran
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    If your metabolism shuts down, you'll be dead. Eat whenever you like.
  • barryplumber
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    I eat breakfast at 11am when I get home from the gym