So of course, I hate exercise, but

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I realize that, of course, exercise is important. I have much respect for people who have the discipline and time management skills to stick to an exercise regimen. I, however, am terrible about this. I always fall off the docket when it comes to exercising, and I am wondering what I can do to make exercise more fun so I will stick with it?


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    Hiya, I too hate exercise, but I walk a lot. I walk where ever I can. Its a fab start. Do you have much to lose ? I find my embarresement has a lot to do with how I feel about public exercise x
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    Find something you enjoy - dance, weights, team sport, swimming etc. If you enjoy it you're more than likely to stick to it. ... There is a time when sometimes you don't feel like even doing the thing you enjoy too, but you just have to do it. Like brushing your teeth and going to work.
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    for weight loss the main thing that matters is your food intake

    exercise is great for cardiovascular health and muscles - and the overall way your body will look

    the thing is what will you stick to - I've found that I love my gym workouts, I have a trainer once a week, I can see progression in terms of weights and reps I can manage and there is something I enjoy about cutting off from the world and just focusing on mini-targets - at different stages in my life I've preferred swimming .. but I've never been a jogger

    Walking is good exercise - don't underestimate it - there are great devices like fitbits (basic models) that can motivate you to move more - and you get to eat the calories back

    find what you enjoy

    and force yourself when you can't be bothered

    give it a few months and it will be routine - and you may feel antsy when you miss a session
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    Try a whole variety of things ... find something you like.

    You don't have to go to the gym to lift weights. Or run on the treadmill. Or any of the "usual" things you might think of ... you can do something completely different.

    Here's a great long list of sports: ... does anything on that list grab you?

    Also, I don't know what your work situation is like, but I'm cooped up in an office all day. However, I am set free for a while at lunch, and I can't wait to get outside into the sunshine and fresh air for a brisk walk. It gets the blood flowing and I just feel energised.
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    As others would have undoubtedly mentioned, weight loss is mainly calories in and calories out. You can lose weight simply by eating little (but hopefully not dangerously little!)

    I am on a similar boat. I don't enjoy working out. At least not consistently. But I had to ask myself and these were the reasons that motivated me to workout
    1) I love to eat. Exercising allows me to eat more while not being a big fatty fat.
    2) It helps me to sleep better
    3) When I wake up, I get to eat more food. Thanks to exercising!

    What kind of exercises is more fun? The answer will be different for different people. I enjoy boxing, walking, weight lifting, etc. Depends on the mind set I am in really.
    Running is excellent caloric burn and relaxing (let your thoughts run with you!).
    Boxing is excellent because you get to workout HARD for like 3-4 days and you are so drained of your energy that you cannot even move afterwards. Plus its good to learn some self-defense
    Weight lifting allows me to be strong. I get to workout 3 days a week which is perfect for my schedule. I workout average of 1 hour 3 days a week and done! I love doing that. I use a program called "Stronglifts 5x5". Check it out if interested.

    So in short, try different things. See what you enjoy. Keep in sight your goals because your goals are a huge motivator. My goal is to be so good looking that Rachel Maddow turn straight for me.
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    The previous posters have pretty much covered it, but I'll echo them: Find something, anything that you enjoy. For me I found when I go to classes I work harder. I would think well if that person can do it for an hour, so can I! It took time and now I look forward to exercising. Some days I don't want to, but I just make myself go like it's a job. I've never felt or thought to myself after a class/workout "I wish I hadn't done this!" I always feel energized, despite how crappy/tired I felt going into to it.
    Also I got a fitbit and that really motivated me to move more. There's something about seeing the numbers that makes me want to get up and do something. Wether it's cleaning the house, walking or just parking furthest from a store entrance to get a few more steps in. Don't be too hard on yourself. It takes time to form new habits and you can always lose weight just by eating at a deficit.
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    Have you tried hooping or dance? :D
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    You have friends? A boyfriend? A sister you can tolerate (lol) ? Go bike riding, hiking, walking, etc with them.
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    Thanks everyone so much for the advice! This morning I tried Yoga and loooved it! I am hoping to join a gym and try some classes! Thank you for all the insight! :)
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    Glad you like Yoga!

    In terms of exercise - I think sometimes those who don't exercise assume that those who do love it. In actuality, we don't a lot of the time, but we love feeling great afterwards. I don't wake up dying to go for a run or looking forward to lifting til I feel like my arms and legs are jello, but after a run I feel like a million bucks and when my bum looks better in my favorite jeans , I know it's worth it... not to mention the health benefits. Those are the things that get me out of bed and into the gym when I want to just press snooze. Like Nike says - Just Do It

    That being said, weight loss, as many have said before me, is just Calories In Calories Out - if you don't want to work out then just eat less... easier said than done though- which is another reason to exercise, so you have a little wiggle room for the finer/fun things in life.