A return with a goal!

jennnco Posts: 516 Member
Hey all! I've been a member on MFP for a while now but I've fallen off the bandwagon (again), but i'm back with a goal again. I've been living in Spain for 8 months now and I return to Canada in 3 months time and I want to change my eating habits and lifestyle while living abroad so as to transition back home with a better perspective on food and exercise. (Plus to look good upon my homecoming would be a bonus ;) ) If anyone wants to join me in logging daily and motivating eachother in adapting a more active/healthy lifestyle. Please let me know.

**I have no idea of my current weight as I have been without a scale for the past 8 months, but I believe I have lost a bit of weight since being here simply because of dietary changes (due to being in a different country ) and being without a car.