So close...

I am so close to reaching my ultimate goal this time. Have been on track for a while. Lost the 5 lbs I have lost and re-gained a million times. I am eating high fat low carb (high protein anyway) now and it really helps with cravings. So this time, I think, I won't fall off the wagon.
The weather is fine, I got over a two week cold, back to exercising, new and improved lifting routine, more running, kids are not sick anymore, there is no party or brunch scheduled (I am a social eater!), it will be bikini season in one or two months...

There is no better opportunity than NOW. That's my mantra. I am at 126.5 today, and I WILL DO IT THIS TIME!

The challenge now is not to get lazy just because I am so close. Not to get comfortable or stop logging. Not to think I have this down anyway. I really want to see if those saddle bags and the cellulitis disappear if I am 120 lbs. I am at my lowest maintained weight now, and from now on it is unknown territory for my body. Only 6.5 lbs to go - or less if only those saddle bags disappear. This is the home stretch!

Going public to wrap my head around it again and again and again. ;)