A bit confused

so I started this weight loss thing in the cliche fashion of making it my New Years resolution granted I didn't get started till about end of January due to other forces. Anyways since about January I made it a rule for myself that I would ride my bike 45 mins each day and would try to eat better. I stuck to it but didn't notice much difference then about middle of February I found this app and noticed I was still eating more than I should be thanks to this app so I cut back. As I kept going with my new exercise and eating healthier habits I noticed a change by about end of March early April. So far I've lost about 8 pounds and can bike for an hour before having to stop. Anyways why I'm posting this is I think I'm a bit confused on what exactly I need to be doing to lose weight better. I currently have hit 215 and want to lose more. I eat roughly 1500-1700 calories a day and bike for about an hour which when combined with walking and such burns off about 1100 calories. So I guess me question is am I doing something wrong ? I haven't seen any progress since March so do I need to change something or am I just at one of those points where it's getting tougher to lose weight.

Also I apologize if this is confusing wasn't sure how to explain a lot of it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    When you say you haven't seen any progress, what do you mean? If no change on the scale, then my question is: how are you determining your calories in? Use a food scale much? Log all foods/drinks, everyday?

    Generally if the weight loss seems to stall, then you should look for ways to improve logging accuracy.
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    Are you at your goal weight? Maybe that's why.

    I would check your diary too, make sure you're eating the amounts/calories you think you are? :)
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    In addition to the "how are you verifying the calories in" question, I would also ask how you're verifying the calories out. Where are you getting 1100 calories burned from?
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    Another question I would ask is, are you eating enough of your exercise calories back? This is helpful... :smile: http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/ask-the-dietitian-should-i-eat-back-my-exercise-calories/ Good Luck!!! I found that when I eat back my exercise calories, I lose.
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    Log in foods everyday with this app I either scan the barcodes or input in recipes and have triple checked the amounts. As for output I have a speedometer attached to my bike that fixes speed and calories burned (roughly).
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    I wouldn't trust the machines count on how many calories you have burned! They are never an accurate reading. I would suggest only entering half what the machine states.

    In regards to your recipes, do you weigh everything you eat with a food scale? Every bit of sauce or dash of oil you use while cooking? Do you look all liquids you consume?

    Its very easy to overlook these but they do eventually add up! :)
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    You might be over estimating your calorie burns. I've seen figures that range from 375 to 1000 for a 60 minute bicycle ride at 15 mph. I've been using the lower number an figure I'll figure out something better once I reach my goal weight.
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    I'm pretty close to your height and weight and I only burn 200-250 calories with an hour of extremely vigorous cycling. The reason for that is twofold: one, what is "extremely vigorous" to me (and most people) isn't actually all that vigorous, so a hard sweaty hour's ride is best logged as moderate intensity; two, MFP and machines vastly overestimate calorie burns.

    I've had good success with using MET tables and a simple formula for calculating a more accurate burn. Google "MET exercise tables" to find your numbers (I can tell you that I use an MET of 3 for very vigorous-to-me stationary cycling -- 12-15MPH with interval hills), then use this formula: MET*your weight in kilograms*percentage of an hour that you worked out. If you're me, that's an MET of 3, 104 kilograms (230 pounds), and I do half an hour which is .5. My formula would be 3*104*.5 = 156 calories for 30 minutes of cycling, or 312 for an hour. To be safe I usually round that number down, so I'd actually log it as 150 or even 140 calories burned.

    The other thing you should do is check your food logging. Use a scale for all solids and colloids, use measuring cups and spoons for all liquids.
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    You need to look in one of 2 places:

    Calories in: How are you measuring your food input? Are you using a scale to weigh food? Are you using accurate entries....some are wrong. Often people who aren't losing are eating more than they think.

    Calories out: OK, your body is using calories 24/7 (google BMR). People can lose weight with zero exercise. But, factoring in exercise can be problematic. How are you measuring your calorie burns? MFP & many machines over estimate. Are your walks separate from your activity level? Sometimes people double count step calories because they wear a pedometer and include all steps as exercise. Sedentary activity level includes about 2 miles already. Heart rate monitors help with steady state cardio numbers if you are briskly walking as a separate activity.

    Many MFP users will use the numbers provided by MFP.....log exercise....but then eat back 50-75% (not all).

    This is good information to have: Your TDEE is maintenance (including exercise): http://scoobysworkshop.com/calorie-calculator/

    Also, as you get smaller....weight loss slows down.