Just say "NO" whats your tip?

What is your tip on just saying no to binge eating all the time?


  • Lyadeia
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    I've never really had a problem with binge eating like a lot of others do, but I do have cravings (understandably not the same thing). To combat them, whenever I have a craving I like to drop down and do 20 push-ups. If I still have the craving, I do more push-ups. Exercise seems to help me with cravings, and push-ups is something that I can do just about anywhere.

    Not sure if it would help with binging though as that has never really been an issue for me.
  • Mokey41
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    Figuring out why you do it and fixing that problem. Success with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is learning to see food as fuel for your body, not comfort, not stress relief, not a way to deal with guilt. Figure out what it is that triggers your binging and deal with that first or you'll never really conquer it.
  • luvriden
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    I can be a binge eater so I just make sure that it is within my calorie deficit :-) If I binge one day, the next day I exercise twice as much and stay between 1200 and 1400 calories. I only weigh once a week, so as long as I am within my weekly goal, it doesn't affect me.
  • brower47
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    My tip: Not having that food in the house. When I want to eat that food, I buy it while out and not when I'm hungry (plan for it) and do not eat it at home. Off the top of my head, pie and cookies fit that bill.
  • grimendale
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    Don't shop hungry. I find that I buy a bunch of stupid things when I shop hungry, and then I feel bad about wasting money, so I end up eating it. It's convenient for me to stop off at the store after work, but I usually try to go home and eat first to curb my tendency to impulse buy cheez its and candy.
  • meandmyface
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    I find my best tip for controlling myself when i'm really feeling like eating everything in sight is to remind myself that nothing is leaving the planet, and if i really want this food I can have it maybe tomorrow, maybe in two months when i'm closer to my goal. Typically I don't end up having whatever the food is at all, but reminding myself of the fact that I can have it if I want to, just not now gives me back control of the situation and I don't feel the need to go on a psycho binging spree haha!
  • My tip: Not having that food in the house. When I want to eat that food, I buy it while out and not when I'm hungry (plan for it) and do not eat it at home. Off the top of my head, pie and cookies fit that bill.

    This. I can even binge on healthy food, so I like to shop daily, only buying for that day. This also gives me an excuse to ride my bike the short distance to the grocery store, making me feel quite sophisticated and European.
    The peeps at the store prob think I am weird for buying a cup of cherries every day, but so be it. It prevents me from eating five cups of cherries a day, which I would, were they in my house.
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    Hey. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and one of the common symptoms is binge eating. It's something I struggle with daily. I've only been at this for about a month, but I've lost 10 lbs so far, and it feels great. I try to replace binging with something else. I also avoid situations in which I think I'd binge (potlucks, food parties, etc) I find HEALTHY foods that I like, and I track my calories so that I get excited if I have a little room left. I also eat what Im craving in small portions sometimes. It's a hard habit to break, but try replacing it with exercising, or blogging. :)
  • PaleoPath4Lyfe
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    What is your tip on just saying no to binge eating all the time?

    Get yourself Julia Ross's books called The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure and read them cover to cover........Re-read them if you have to.
  • angelams1019
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    hahahaha I actually just saw this earlier today! It is PERFECT for your question! I totally do this all the time! (Sad, but true!)

  • Tflowers34907
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    My tip: Not having that food in the house. When I want to eat that food, I buy it while out and not when I'm hungry (plan for it) and do not eat it at home. Off the top of my head, pie and cookies fit that bill.

    ^^^^ YES! I totally agree with that. I try now to keep healthy alternatives readily available. Frozen Greek yogurt is one of my faves, fruit including craisins, and stuff with peanut butter. That usually does the trick but if not I just try to go to sleep or occupy my mind with other stuff
  • slkehl
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    First of all, I avoid buying the types of food I tend to binge on. I also try to get out of the house in situations where I tend eat too much. For instance, I'll always get the munchies when studying, so I'll go to the library.

    I also find that eating foods that are more filling helps. Protein and whole grains are more satisfying.
  • mazdauk
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    Don't have them in the house. Or if the rest of the family insists on having them, have an alternative which is indivisually wrapped, so you have a single reasonable serving rather than the option of dipping into the tin/pack for "just one more".
  • HotMummyMission
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    Close the kitchen door an refuse to enter
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    A binge doesn't mean unhealthy food necessarily, although that will be eaten if available, so don't have that stuff in the house. I have to sort my location when I feel it coming on to keep me out of the kitchen. If I can't physically take myself out of the house I make it hard for me to eat, so get in the bath, find a fiddly, absorbing or repetitive chore to make myself do (bonus, I now have tidy cupboards), paint my nails, go on the internet and chat for a bit - do ANYTHING to avoid going into the kitchen.

  • RebekahR84
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    I almost binged this morning after work. As I walked to the kitchen, I said out loud to myself, "not after how well I did all night." (I'm a third shift worker.) Then I went to bed. It was really hard. When you're on the verge of a binge, it FEELS okay. I don't know what goes into play in the body that it feels like it's the right thing to do, but it's a hard feeling to counter. :(
  • Zeade
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    I Have set times when I can eat something ,
    Nothing but fruit before 12am (something heavy doesn't sit well in my stomach that early)
    Lunch at 12
    Snack at 4
    and Latest time to have dinner is half 7
    Nothing but green tea after half seven this rule is bible for me haha x
  • Railr0aderTony
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    Ask yourself a couple questions. #1 are you eatting enough? #2 is this emotional eatting or are you hungry?

    read this:
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    I think I must be one of those lucky people who just says no and that's it. I have 'treats' in my office every single day, without fail. Cookies, cakes, sweets, chocolate, donuts, flap jacks... You name it, it's here. I can honestly say in the 5 months that I've worked here that I have never picked up a single treat from the table. I just, don't.

    Sometimes I do eat more than usual, or I'll let myself have a bottle of beer or two (I actually can't manage a pint any more! I used to drink about ten pints in one night!). Just imagine how bad you'll feel the next day and think about how much you want the inevitable guilt compared to how much you want to stuff your face!

    If you're eating right, you shouldn't be hungry enough to want to binge, either. I find little things like a 10 minute workout, doing some chores or even washing your face and brushing your teeth will distract you from eating something naughty.

    Good luck!
  • RebekahR84
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    I should add that I have found a diet technique that has helped with my binge-eating. My danger zone is right after work before my husband gets home. I get off of work at 6am; he gets off at 7am. That's when I chow down and throw the wrappers and evidence away in the outside trashcans so the husband doesn't see it. Now, I'm doing the 8 Hour Diet. It's a fasting diet. You get your day's calories in during an 8 hour time frame (you still need to be mindful of your nutrients); then you fast for 16 hours. It's not for everyone, but it works for me. I eat between 4pm and midnight. Then I fast. This way, it feels like a concrete wall is put up to block my binging at 6am. I've of course barrelled through the wall a couple of times, but it's happened with way less frequency.