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Exercising through illness.

I've had a pretty bad sore throat on and off for about two months, been to the doctor twice now to test for strep, no strep...they finally tested me for mono yesterday, i'll get the results bad on Monday...

I'm training for a half marathon and I'll be freaking bummed if I have to stop running.

Anyone have any experience with mono? At this point I almost hope that's what it is so at least I'll know, but i'm worried about how long I'll be sidelined for....Everything i'm reading online says no contact sports for fear of your spleen rupturing... O_O ....i'm assuming that running would probably be stupid but I only have a month and a half let to build mileage.....


Any experience or pity is welcomed.


  • fannyfrost
    fannyfrost Posts: 756 Member
    The advice I will give on this one is listen to your doctor!!!! I know its hard, but with many of these things they know best.

    Are you congested? could be allergies with a post nasal drip?
  • Chieflrg
    Chieflrg Posts: 9,097 Member
    As a person that deals with illness every day my advice is to stay away from google and see a doctor. Internet searches will waste time.
  • veganbettie
    veganbettie Posts: 701 Member
    no not congested. The only real thing i have is a horrible sore throat that is now radiating through to my ear and jaw. And i'm tired. But i work full time and have a toddler, so who knows.

    I'll for sure listen to my doctor of course.
  • shrinkingletters
    shrinkingletters Posts: 1,008 Member
    I've been dealing with a sinus infection all week, finally tried working out yesterday and it felt like I had inhaled a ton of sandpaper.

    Surprisingly, I feel better today.
  • veganbettie
    veganbettie Posts: 701 Member
    Running actually does make me feel better in a lot of cases, like a normal cold. I haven't even attempted to run during this sore throat. I can't even force myself.

    I actually ran a mud run 5k this past Saturday which is what i think started this back up, and then a 10k Sunday, which i don't think I should have ran. So I probably only have myself to blame. I FELT okay to do the mud run, but apparently i wasn't all the way better from my last stupid sore throat.

    This damn thing just keeps popping back up.