Just a Rant!!

Good Morning Everyone!! First of all, I will say that I have been feeling myself dropping off the wagon lately.

I saw some pictures of myself that were taken about a week ago and I look really terrible. I have been at this for about 5 months now. I should be really close to my goal weight, instead I'm ranging between 8-10 lbs down. That's like about 1.5-2 lbs. per month. This has really depressed me. My sister started this same journey a couple months before and announced that she is at goal a few days ago. I am very happy for my sister but very disappointed in myself.

So, I feel it's time to start picking up some new habits. I know that exercise is not a problem because I get so excited about that. Drinking water is not a problem because I love it's rare I drink anything else.

The problem is that I turn into Ms. Piggy every evening around 7 pm and I don't log it. I don't stay busy enough. I'll do my workouts, then dishes, laundry & the floors, and then I'll call it a day. I get tired of the housework & the gardening. I haven't done much gardening because whenever I go outside I just want to smoke (10 wks smoke free) so I've neglected my flower gardens & I only planted tomatoes and lettuce. I've learned to justify all of my bad habits, like "just this once won't hurt me" or "I earned it today" I know that I need to discipline myself:

I know that I need to log absolutely everything I eat, even if its just one bite. Go back to actually measuring everything instead of guestimating. At night I have a pill I take before bed and after I'm done eating for the day. I will start taking it a lot earlier instead of waiting till I'm on my way to bed. I'm going to look for a part time job so I can get out of the house more. I think I will start making me a to do list and start learning some time management.

I know I am being a super whiner here but it helps me to write it down.

Ok, well, sitting here isn't getting me back on track either. I have a lot I could be doing. Thanks for listening Ya'll!!


  • Sweet_Pandora
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    Congrats on going smoke free!

    I have a note on my fridge that reads "What do I want more" it helps me when I wander in to the kitchen out of boredom.

  • MrsG2
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    Congrats on going smoke free!

    I have a note on my fridge that reads "What do I want more" it helps me when I wander in to the kitchen out of boredom.


    I love this!

    OP, congratulations on going smoke free! I think it's great that you can be happy for your sister, just remember that we're all individuals and we work in different ways, so keep your head up and move toward your goal. It's a freakin' slow process, but it'll pay off! Good luck!!!
  • JessiBelleW
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    Its hard when you feel like everyone is overtaking you!

    Some strategies you could try out:
    *plan a snack for a certain time - at 7.45pm I will have a snack of X - you can then start to push the time out
    *Have a warm drink - hot chocolate or tea
    * clean your teeth (this one has never worked for me personally)
    * Ensure you are eating enough protien/ fats ect. (this is me saying is your body getting what it needs during the day? Maybe your deficit is too much? Better to lose weight slower than to never lose it!!!)
    * plan a skype/ phone call at around 7pm
    * are you getting enough sleep? My body confuses tiredness with hunger sometimes

    You can do it!
  • thrld
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    Sounds like you are figuring it out - when are you tempted, why are you tempted and what is tempting you.

    Now you just have to figure out the how - how can you disrupt this habit, how can you move past this dynamic, how can you replace this with a routine that doesn't undermine your healthy day.

    If you are eating because you feel actual hunger, then you should adjust your dinner, or add a snack. But if you are eating out of boredom, or because you want the energy rush, then you need to create workarounds.
  • DrewsAnna
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    Thank You Everyone....Yesterday, I logged absolutely everything good and bad. Took in more calories than I meant to but at least now maybe seeing them will help me change some habits. Also, I stayed a lot busier yesterday than normal, used my hours more wisely and was tired last night so I went to bed a lot earlier. That was good because I got more sleep and stayed out of the kitchen.

    You all had some good advice and I truly appreciate all of it.