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nellymunch Posts: 1 Member
Hi, I'm currently starting back on my fitness pal. I've been on it before and I dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 for my wedding all from eating healthy. I've had a couple of stressful times since then and ballooned to size 16-18 from comfort eating, something I've never done before. Now I'm determined to get back to a healthy size 10 and stay there :)


  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    Good for you, don't give up
  • Alecia329
    Alecia329 Posts: 10 Member
    Good for you!! I did the same thing dropped from a 24 to a 16 last year and now I'm up to a snug 18 and I'm only going lower from here! I'm not to sure on how "small" I want to go down yet though. Probably somewhere around a 13. I'm curvy and I start looking ill if I let myself loose too much.
  • lmr0528
    lmr0528 Posts: 427 Member
    You did it once so you can definitely do it again!!
  • nancypnurse
    nancypnurse Posts: 123 Member
    Best of luck, Nelly-- you got this!
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Welcome back :-) You'll do it m'duck :-)
  • Marlene1667
    Marlene1667 Posts: 201 Member
    Damn balloons :-) You've done it before, you can do it again.... just don't give up! Congratulations on taking a great first step.
  • HealthSculptures
    HealthSculptures Posts: 4 Member
    Taking the first step is a great step :) .. Good luck and keep rocking!!
  • vanessalillian82
    vanessalillian82 Posts: 350 Member
    Wecome back! You've done it once and you can do it again, and good on you for coming back here. I managed to go from an AU18 to an AU12 several years ago, and I maintained it for a couple of years, but then went through hell with my ex and started stress eating, and the kilos piled on, plus several more. So it's back to eating healthy food, and treating food as fuel and not as an emotional cruch. Good luck and feel free to add me if you want support :smile:
  • californiagirl2012
    californiagirl2012 Posts: 2,625 Member
    Yes it does really work. We all have these sort of reset cycles. It is not the first and it won't be the last. We just keep going and never give up. Yes it really does work. B)

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