Regaining motivation.

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Hey all, I've been using MFP on and off throughout the past year and I've recently been back on track regularly documenting what I eat and when I exercise. One thing I've found though is that the friends that I had previously made seem rather inactive now so if anyone is in a similar situation to myself and is in need of an active support group then we should connect and be friends.
Some information about myself is that my starting weight was 142 lbs and i'm looking to cut that down to 120 or 125 lbs. If anyone is on a similar track to me, I'd love to hear your stories.
Thanks :)


  • ashleighj13
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    Hi, I'm in the situation as you. I started on MFP just over a year ago and have been through several cycles of logging every day for a few months and then losing my way for a while, just to repeat the process. I really want to make it stick this time and I'm hoping to gain a few friends to help keep me on track :smile:
    Sending you a friend request now...
  • babyk78
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    Hi ladies! This is my second attempt at MFP. I am determined to stay on here and lose the weight I want to and be healthy. I am going to send you both a FR and we can motivate each other. I am on MFP everyday and pretty much all day long. I find the site to be addicting because I love to motivate and encourage all of my friends and they do the same back :)
  • ashleighj13
    ashleighj13 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi babyk78. Thanks for the add :smile: I love your profile pic! I've never thought about it like that before...