Apparently I love salty foods and it makes the scale go up a ton the next day. Anyone else have this problem?


  • Brunner26_2
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    Nah, probably only you.
  • how do people cope with this problem i guess is a better question. thanks^
  • FredDoyle
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    Cook from fresh and go for the other tastes; sweet, sour, savoury, spicy...
  • MG_Fit
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    Don't eat salty foods 4fvgdaq_th.gif
  • singlefemalelawyer
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    1) don't eat out in restaurants too often - this is probably the main culprit. Try to make your own meals as often as possible or if you must eat out, choose healthier options with less sodium;
    2) drink LOTS and LOTS of water;
    3) don't add salt to food yourself.

    I find that if I eat a bad meal, I will almost always gain the next day (also when I drink alcohol). So just try to be aware of what you are eating and make better choices whenever possible.
  • thank you sfl :)
  • MySignaturecolour
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    Avoid frozen meals they are handy but they are loaded with sodium. Sometimes they are a necessary evil.

    Hope this helps