5.65 female - maintenance calorie goal?



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    Hmm.. I just put your numbers into scoobies without sport @aprilricks86 , and it also gives me just above 1600kcal/day. Yes, you get higher numbers for sport than me, but that's about it. Interesting.
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    I began "maintenance" at the end of March - 147.5#. My average daily calorie intake has been hovering around 1800 (FWIW, MFP calculates my sedentary calorie maintenance @ 1540, and I eat my FitBit-tracked walking calories back). My weight this AM was 146.2. I am 5'6" and 64 yo.
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    I put your stats into scooby and fitness frog and both gave me 2057 and your maintenance with moderate as the exercise amount based on your exercising 3+ times a week.

    ETA: Light exercse still gives 1800+
    As someone above said, you just need to keep upping your intake slowly until you find the balance. I'm working on that now and it's a slow process.
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    @kami3006, I assume you mean me? I have no idea how you got those numbers. I think the problem might be the empirical system. Maybe 5 feet 6 17⁄32 inches is different than 65 inches. Thus if I only enter 5'6 or 5'7 inches I get those low numbers as well. Oh well... I would not use imperical measurements anyway as they are overly complicated.

    Well, there's a slight hope. For four days in a row my weight didn't go down but stayed the same or went slightly up. I did have pasta with bacon though yesterday and at least today might be water retention. We'll see.
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    Well, found a yummy calorie richer lunch: a cup of full cream yoghurt with 15 grams of almond splinters. It's just over 200kcal, and it contains a bit fat/protein, two things I always seem to be low at.
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    Bumping up calories again, to 1900. I noticed one thing: If I use scoobies without age restriction then I do get over 1800kcal/day on some equations. LOL!
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    I really want to maintain my weight. Sometimes, I eat more than calories that I need and sometimes I eat less.
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    Interesting topic :-) I'm 37, 168cm and my weight is about 126-127pounds. I just started adding up 50-60 calories a week to get to my maintenance,I'm currently at 1390 and going up. I have my mfp set at sedentary as I have a desk job mostly and drive almost everywhere, I do about 3k steps on my usual day. I also try exercise 5 days a week (currently doing jillian michaels body revolution,interval training with some weights) but use the heart rate monitor and re ord it via map my fitness and eat back the exercise calories. I am anxious about finding the maintenance level as I dont want the weight to creep back up.
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    I'm 169cm (5.65 ft.inches) and currently weigh 58.3kg (128.5lbs), female, 41 years old. I'm still losing weight though I went into maintenance some 2kg ago. I don't want to lose more weight, but I also don't want to go into useless binging or eating sweets just to fill up with more calories. Upping calories slowly clearly hasn't worked yet.

    So, scooby and this website give me 1600kcal per day for maintenance, which clearly is far too low. I run a few times a week and do some strength training whenever I feel like it. For running I eat back all calories that I calculate. This number is below what this site gives me. Yesterday I used 173kcal for a 28 minute slow run (12.8miles/km).

    Is there someone with similar stats here? What is your maintenance allowance?

    This is actually really easy to solve.

    How long has it taken you to lose that 2kg? Over that span of time, you've eaten approximately 15700 calories below maintenance.

    So for an example, if that loss took you two months, then you're eating approximately 260 calories under your maintenance each day. (Aka 15700 divided by 60 days)
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    yep, it is that easy I'd think. But it's not quite so easy either as I've been on a lengthy vacation during that time where I have no idea how much calories I ate (lots of kebab and rice, often with butter, but almost no snacks), plus 2-3 days of getting rid of plane water retention, followed straight by TOM didn't help either. There's a big uncertainly in there. I'd almost say that my weight was rather stable during my vacation, but that doesn't help as I have no idea how much calories I ate :wink: I have the feeling that weight loss has been very slow over the last few days, though I was shocked to see 57.9kg on the scale this morning. Seriously, that's teenage weight territory for me - and I do have a much wider bone structure nowadays.