Office job and 6 month old when do i workout?

I'm constantly tired, a new mom and work in an office from 7-5:30. Any suggestions on workouts and energy supplements? Help and encouragement is greatly appreciated.


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    Do you have to work 10 hrs + lunch or do you do that so you can get every Friday off? I was in a similar situation, working 9 hrs a day + lunch and got every other Friday off. I could not find the time. So I switched to an 8 hr day and no longer get my off Fridays. I miss them, but it has been worth it.

    Or you can do stroller walks/runs, videos at home when the young one is asleep. Go to the gym before or after work and let someone else watch you child. Hopefully, you have a supportive partner.

    If this is important to you, you can find the time.
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    JUST DO IT, it wont be easy, its gonna HURT, might even make you feel sick. BUT it will get easier, you will become fitter and it will feel like less and less of a chore. Some of my best workouts are when I feel tired before hand, you are tired mentally but if you push through it you will not just become physically stonger but mentally also. so my suggestion is to JUST DO IT, not next monday, not after that dinner plan with your friends on sunday but TOMORROW. you are the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals. Do it for yourself and for your young family and I promise you that your quality of life will ten fold. You and only YOU have the power, you can do it.
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    Energy - water water water. Multivitamin that meets your needs. For example, I'm not a fan of red meat, and I know I get low iron levels - when I make sure to take my vitamin with iron, I can feel a difference in my stamina.

    Getting in workouts - just start moving. When my babe was that little, I wasn't a fan of leaving him at a gym child care. Away from baby all day at work, why would I want to be away from him more?? We went for many walks, either with a stroller or baby-wearing. Dancing with him to music. I think you-tube has mommy&me exercises where you use the baby as weight :) but baby should have good head control first.