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Workout DVDs which do you recommend?

so I had my third baby 8 weeks ago and I'm ready to start working out more seriously. Which workout DVDs would you recommend I start with ? Since I had a c-section 8 weeks ago I'd prefer something not too intense on the abs just yet.
Thanks !


  • nessah81
    nessah81 Posts: 1 Member
    21 day fix workouts are great, so is the eating plan.
  • knsreed
    knsreed Posts: 12 Member
    we like Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30". I'm not really ripped but it is an all over workout and really worked for weight loss. Oh and it's only about $10 at Walmart!
  • inked_Calimom82
    inked_Calimom82 Posts: 143 Member
    I love TurboFire and the 21 Day Fix Challenge from beachbody! Before I started TurboFire, I had no physical fitness. The closest to being active I was was literally walking to and from the kitchen or around my house. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knee so I was afraid of how it would be from the TurboFire program but I am able to do it. Going on week 3 of it and love the energy Chalene gives off, it's like I'm right there in the class. She also has someone who does a modified version of the workout if you struggle with the higher intensity moves. TurboFire requires no weights or equipment, just your body :) and 21 Day will require weights or a resistance band for one of her workouts the "Upper Fix." 21 Day has a great meal plan though too. I've only done her upper fix disc so I don't know about the others yet. TurboFire is all about cardio but oh man her 10 minute ab workout is killer. I recommend either program. I love them both but if u want or need help with meals too, I'd go with 21 Day Fix. Good luck and congrats on the little one ;)
  • bcruz313
    bcruz313 Posts: 56 Member
    I would also recommend 21 Day Fix. It is a great program, there are 7 workouts one for each day of the week which includes cardio, upper and lower stength training, yoga and pilates. There is a girl modifying most of the moves which is wonderful. The meal plan and portion containers are very easy to adhere to (unless your breastfeeding because obviously your calorie needs are different). Focus T25 also has a modifier. I love all the beachbody workouts I've tried so far. Piyo is also great to build strength and balance but you may not be ready for that yet as it does concentrate on core a lot. Good luck! You should let us know what you choose!
  • kpodaru
    kpodaru Posts: 133 Member
    make sure that you consult your doc first before doing anything. ripped in 30 has weights and although you don't want to use your core, using free weights does engage your core to hold them in certain positions and you don't want to get injured since you had major surgery!

    i'd go with T25 and use the modified exercises. also, if you have a bike, cycle! very low impact in terms of your core but a great way to get outside and get in some good cardio.
  • MindfulNat
    MindfulNat Posts: 83 Member
    edited May 2015
    Thank you so much everyone. I'll check them all out !
  • BethWilliams24
    BethWilliams24 Posts: 175 Member
    I find the 10 minute solutions DVDs are great x
  • jeremywm1977
    jeremywm1977 Posts: 657 Member
    My wife did ChaLEAN Extreme when she started working out after our son was born, and now she is doing P90.
  • Jillian130
    Jillian130 Posts: 174 Member
    Anything Jillian Michaels is great. Also, if you have a computer you can set up try and give Blogilates a try on Youtube. BeFit in 30 is great and so is anything on the BeFit Channel on Youtube. But if you're going to try the internet, definitely give fitnessblender a go!
  • dolliesdaughter
    dolliesdaughter Posts: 544 Member
    What did you do before?