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Fit Friends Support

Laka615 Posts: 157 Member
edited May 2015 in Motivation and Support
I'm looking for friends with a similar lifestyle to myself in hopes of supporting one another on this journey.

I workout everyday including my "rest days" which are active even if it's some light yoga or a walk on the beach. I love lifting, yoga and yes even cardio. I try to eat as clean as possible (80% nutrition, 20% training). I still have weight to lose, my goal is to be and maintain a strong/fit/lean physique, I have no interest in being "skinny". Skinny won't help me achieve my fitness goals.

Send me a request with a message please....


  • My_Butt
    My_Butt Posts: 2,300 Member
    I'm on the fit frontier. There's no skill in skinny. I do insanity Monday through Saturday and yoga on Sunday. Plus, I work construction six days a week. I want to perfect a deeper push-up, and get my booty to perk up more.
    Muscle is beautiful.
  • kpodaru
    kpodaru Posts: 133 Member
    edited May 2015
    fitness freak over here. been eating clean and training hard since 2012; i eat clean 90% of the time and i train every day - muay thai 4x/week and gym (lifting/HIIT/bootcamp) 3x/week. sometimes i do double workouts (cycle in the afternoons) because it's too nice to stay inside!
  • sengalissa
    sengalissa Posts: 253 Member
    I have been lifting for a year (strong curves, stronglifts), running on and off, counting calories on and off. Would like to lose another 6lbs but cutting and lots of exercise does not work well for me. I guess I still need to do it to feel 100% confident in a bikini.
    My body looks strong even though I have been lifting on a deficit most of the time. People actually ask me how I got so muscular. Anyway, there is still too much fat hiding those muscles!
  • JemmaWte
    JemmaWte Posts: 3 Member
    Hello to you all, I am happy with my size but not so much my shape. I am getting married in 6 months. I am aiming for 3 exercise sessions (two dynamic yoga and one run) a week and reducing carbs to help tone and tighten. A little new to this so any tips welcome.

    Actually first question - how do you monitor your progress on your fitband? I have a garmin vivosmart. A lot of the goals seem to be more calorie focused more than strength and flexibility focused.