1 year, 116lbs lost and the great thing is there's plenty more to achieve


Hi guys, my name is Brett, from London and in January of 2014 I decided that I couldn't go on allowing my weight and physical appearance to hinder me anymore. In my personal and professional life, I wanted how I looked to be congruent with the success I was achieving and so embarked on a weight loss journey that to this day has seen me lose 116lbs, 30% of body fat and something I didn't expect, the fear of the journey.

I wanted to ask those of you out there who experienced a similar success story if, now that you've lost the weight you set out to lose, you actually feel the job is done? It's weird because for me I can't help but find new goals to achieve and new targets to set and from some people's point of view, its a risky mindset because it means I'm never truly happy with who I am but for me, not only does it show Im happy with who I am but actually shows I trust in my own physical capabilities now to keep pushing and stretch myself...which is ironic as over a year in and my flexibility is still shockingly poor!


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    Holy Cow!! You look like a different person- the first photo could be the father of the lad in the last photo!

    To date, I have lost 11kg -and still have a long way to go- but can see how addictive the feelings of success can become. I can't imagine how life changing losing 116lb could be for you.

    What are the other goals you mentioned?

    As personal goals are accomplished and achievements ticked off, others appear.
    I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing. Some would argue that it is good to be dynamic and always seeking to better oneself, to be pushing to be the best that one can.
    Others would say it is part of the human condition to never be fully satisfied with oneself.

    I think that as long as your goals are realistic- go for it!
    But don't forget to allow yourself a few moments every day to look at yourself and realise what you've achieved so far- not just physically, but in all aspects of your life.

    And allow waves of smugness and joy to wash over you! :smiley:

    P.S. I've found yoga to be great for flexibility. It's gentle enough to do everyday without risk of serious injury and combined with weight training, makes the muscles seem more useful and "powerful". It's difficult to describe the feeling, but my body feels stronger. If you ask, most yoga teachers will design a program to do at home. Hope this helps :)
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    You look great- congratulations on your weight loss!! Even after you reach your goal I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing to set new goals- be it fitness goals or what have you. As long as you are healthy and treating your body right you are keeping on the right track. Maintenance is much more difficult than weight loss, and just keeping the mindset that you are improving and getting more fit and running longer, lifting heavier, or improving your flexibility- whatever your goals are- will keep you at maintenance and continue to improve your entire well-being and prevent you from falling back into old habits and gaining the weight back. As for flexibility- have you thought about yoga? I find it both relaxing and it improves my flexibility tremendously. I haven't practiced it for a while now but I wish there was a place close to me that had classes- I would be doing it.
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    You look amazing!!
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    Great job Brett! Now that you've mastered one of the hardest goals for your life, you've also learned that with determination there is so much more you can do. I don't see that as a sign you're not appreciative or happy with what you've done, you've simply opened yourself up to do even more. You look fabulous and for flexibility I also agree with Yoga. Add it in!

    I'm on a similar journey, just much earlier. Thanks for the inspiration!
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  • Timshel_
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    RAWR dude! Fine work!
  • mistikal13
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    OMG you look like a totally different person! Excellent work!
  • vixtris
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    awesome man!! You look so stoked in the last picture lol. great job!
  • LuckyMe2017
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