Will someone be my" go to" buddy?

Hi all! I remembered how I lost weight in high school................I met this guy online (Im married now lol so not looking for THAT kind of relationship) and he was trying to lose weight as well, well he refused to talk to me every day until i had done 30 min of exercise and then when it came time to eat he'd tell me if i ate that cookie he wouldnt talk to me again and would tell me what to eat instead. I need someone like this in my life right now!!!! Im 300lbs as of today (down 2lbs yay) but Just a friend who is there to say get your butt going and dont eat that eat this instead!! any takers?? If so feel free to message me and I will introduce myself etc.


  • pippywillow
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    I hope you find what you're looking for, I'm no good at telling people what to do.

    Congratulations on the 2 lbs. You'll be in the 200s before you know it!
  • poedunk65
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    You are welcome to add me if you want, but be warned I WILL be honest and upfront in my comments and opinions.

    I have alot of friends on here and we all work very hard at our lifestyle changes.

    it is a long journey and i would be hapy to give you A NUDGE WHEN NEEDED.

    I hav e lost almost 70 lbs now and am down to around 260 from well over the 300 mark.

  • sharon_moyer
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    I'll help you out and give you that help that you are looking for. I sent you a friend request.
  • tricksee
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    £5.00 a week and I'm in!