Getting in shape for fall semester.

jennnco Posts: 516 Member
Hey university students. Am I the only one who tells myself every summer that this will be the summer in which I change my lifestyle, get in shape, and have a hot bod for walking around campus/meeting new students the following school year? I really don't think this is a mindset unique to me, so if any of you fellow students want to join me in getting fit this summer, add me and we can motivate each other to actually achieve our goals :)


  • SarahhG9
    SarahhG9 Posts: 4 Member
    I totally get what you mean. First it's okay I want to get in shape for the summer, once summer comes around and no progress has been made you convince yourself its going to happen for the fall. I am with you girl!
  • sarahliftsUP
    sarahliftsUP Posts: 752 Member
    Yessss! I told myself this last summer too -- I was good for probably the month of September and then things just fell through! But I definitely need other university students for support when things get crazy we can motivate each other to stay on top!