carb cycling (how much fats??)

I weigh 166 pounds and i am 5 11' i would like to start carb cycling so i would like to ask you the percentage macros needed on low and high carb days. ... plzz


  • candicebee1
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    I use this as a guide
  • bepriddy
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    I am 6" tall and starting carb cycling today using the book Carb Cycling the Recipe & Diet Book. It has me using 20% carbs, 50% protein & 30% fat on low carb days & 45% carbs, 40% protein & 15% fats on low carb days. I have no days with no carbs-don't think I could do that, & as a nurse, a don't think that's very healthy, or easy to stick too.
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    This is a lot proten intake, shouldnt we replace carbs with fats isntead of replacing carbs with protein?