Carrying on while you're ill

For the past 2+ weeks now I've felt really sick and dizzy, freezing cold even when it's warm, and I just want to eat really heavy rich foods - that seems to be the only thing that makes me feel better. I have no idea what's wrong with me - I did a pregnancy test as that seemed the obvious reason but I'm not pregnant, I've made a nurse's appointment for tonight.

I just... how on earth do you carry on with your reduced eating etc while feeling like this? I don't eat at much of a reduction, MFP gives me 2000 to lose 1lb a week, I aim for 1700 but often come in at 2000. How can I keep going when I feel like a zombie?


  • daaaaaanielle
    daaaaaanielle Posts: 114 Member
    If you're not feeling great, why not swap to maintenance for a while? It'll give you more calories to work with. If you're unwell, eating less than maintenance will probably make you feel worse. Concentrate on feeling better for now. :)
  • CSARdiver
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    Since you're logging food is there anything that might trigger this response? Check in with your HCP tonight and let them know everything that's going on. Hope you find out what's going on and feel better soon!