Week 1: Extremely Vivid Dreams?!

Hi, all!

I'm back at it after gaining 80 lbs. back. Week 1 of eating right and working out and my dreams have become intense and vivid! I wonder if this means I'm getting better/more REM sleep? I'm not a medical or sleep professional, so I wondered if this was a common experience for people losing weight.

I've already lost 6 lbs. (arguably lots of water weight, but I feel and look much less bloated and uncomfortable, so, hey, I'll take it!) and I think I've been snoring a bit less.

I've been dreaming about whole days with my dog who passed away years ago and about extremely detailed recipes I've never heard of before (my boyfriend used to be a chef and we both love to cook, so I think it's more *interest* related and less *food* related). I've also been dreaming about music that I've never heard before but I wake up humming the tune. It's like my nostalgia and creativity are on hyperdrive!

Anyone experience these vivid dreams when they first started? What where they like? Do you think it's related to weight loss or better health?