Favorite Cheat Meal?

So I'm on a cutting phase (not to be confused with emo) and I want some mental motivation to keep me going till my next cheat meal.. The next best thing to eating "junk" food is talking about it. (unless you have some way to smell food online..) My favorite cheat meal is Whataburgers Chophouse Cheddar burger with a large fry (or is it fries?) and a chocolate malt :) Whats your all time favorite cheat meal?


  • weightedfootsteps
    weightedfootsteps Posts: 4,349 Member
    you nailed it...a burger and fries!!! Not so much on the icecream.
  • nsagley
    nsagley Posts: 84 Member
    I'm southern so I'd have to say fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits and gravy. And if I really want to splurge I throw in some fried okra or squash.
  • kenh14
    kenh14 Posts: 19
    Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, their waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce, and a chocolate milkshake. Might just have to go this weekend... So many calories, but so good!
  • QueenofScott
    QueenofScott Posts: 305 Member
    Pizza, with ice cream for dessert!
  • MissSaturday
    MissSaturday Posts: 784 Member
    Italian mozzarella, pizza, chinese salt aand chilli chicken. ice cream carte d'or amaretto. (no all together but are my favourite)
  • Powerfocus
    Powerfocus Posts: 18
    Red Lobster Shrimp Alfredo1/2 and garlic shrimp with garden salad and cup of clam chowder and peach lemonade 2 cheddar bay biscuits (meal eaten half at lunch and half at dinner) on my cheat day friday
  • j75j75
    j75j75 Posts: 854 Member
    I have a LOT of favorite cheat meal lol. Inn n Out Double Double and a chocolate shake, pizza, chicken-fried steak and eggs, a calzone, a stromboli...
  • HurricaneElaine
    HurricaneElaine Posts: 984 Member
    Anything Chinese!! :bigsmile:
  • Taco Bell Cantina Burrito with Steak! SOOOOOO GOOOD!!! Havent had one in probably 3 months! But mmm mmm mmm soo good! :)
  • Jacole18
    Jacole18 Posts: 716 Member
    Filiberto's super nachos with extra guacamole!
  • rosmotron
    rosmotron Posts: 2
    anything spicy like indian food/extra hot meat pizza/burger/chinese food
    im a sucker for extremely spicy food and anthing meaty
    i hate sweet stuff and sodas though
  • Joehenny
    Joehenny Posts: 1,222 Member
    I eat whatever I want except pizza. I had one slice today but I need a cheat meal. I want a whole double pepperoni, with sausage, bacon, and peppers, plus wings, and ice cream, and real soda not that diet crap I am stuck with

  • JenniTheVeggie
    JenniTheVeggie Posts: 2,474 Member
    Not really a cheat meal since I have it maybe every week to a week an a half...but Chipotle vegetarian fajita bowl with no rice and some yummy chiptole tortilla chips. :heart: It almost always fits into my day.
  • Lifting_Knitter
    Lifting_Knitter Posts: 1,025
    Stuffed french toast....omg...nom.
  • deadmittens
    deadmittens Posts: 536 Member
    favorite cheat: chinese buffet lol
  • tlab827
    tlab827 Posts: 155 Member
    In N Out Burger or a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    Great - Now I must have In N Out, its been far too long, old friend.
  • DanIsACyclingFool
    DanIsACyclingFool Posts: 417 Member
    Top choice is probably an assorted sub with mayo, oil, and mustard (yum!)

    2nd choice is pizza

    3rd choice is grilled cheese

    4th place is burger and fries
  • GnomeLove
    GnomeLove Posts: 379
    A burrito....with way too much cheese and sour cream.

    Or Smashburger...a mushroom swiss burger and those rosemary fries. - I am going to make face love to one of these burgers on my birthday.
  • foot1647
    foot1647 Posts: 92
    Chinese, Thai, or Korean.
  • LauriePar
    LauriePar Posts: 239 Member
    My homemade fried chicken--everyone loves it- with mashed potatoes, homemade chicken gravy, corn--with butter, of course, and Bisquick or baking powder biscuits with butter and honey. A meal to be reckoned with!:heart: