Day 500 and losing UMGPH.

I have been diagnoses with parahyperparathyroidism. This basically means my body is taking too much calcium from my bones. It also causes depression, irritability and bone pain. I'm feeling it all. I'm glad they found this problem with blood work.
Lately - I have wanted to give up. But, I don't. MFP is a habit now. It's a home base and a great tool to help me achieve my goals. I need to stick to calorie goals in order to lose the weight.
I need to find motivation again.
This is my honest feelings.
Giving up got me to be 120+ lbs over weight. I am now only 60lbs over weight. I'm half way there and I need to keep going. I know giving up is not an option.
I tell myself it doesn't matter how long it takes - because the time will pass anyway.
Maybe I'll get that tattood on my arm. LOL. I don't know. I'm just venting - getting my frustration out. I need to stop over-indulging. I'm just so blah. :(
I don't know what will help.
Specialist apt. isn't until July - surgery (only cure) will happen on specialists time table.