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i personally wouldn't even think of buying one of these "clean " packages claiming great weight loss in a short space of time. I do have a question about them though, I have seen a post on Facebook of someone saying they had lost 9 lbs in 9 days using this type of product. My thinking goes like this, 1 lb is 3500 calorie deficit which this has to be per day to do this and if the person should for arguments sake be consuming 1500 to cover their TDEE then these numbers just don't stack up ( if she ate nothing at all she couldn't hit this figure) so is this weight loss nearly all water and if so how bad is that for the person involved?


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    It will mostly be a mix of different circumstances and water weight.

    What I mean by different circumstances is they want to believe this is some magical weight loss supplement. They will probably have weighed themselves multiple times during the day and found a time where their water retention was at it's lowest. They probably also wore different clothes that may have been lighter. If they were eating less and/or "healthier" the lower intake of sodium, salt and carbs will have dropped water weight.

    All these products are scams, it's unbelievable how many people still try things like this.