Do i have to drink Shakeology to get results?



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    I did Shakeology for a while. I found it super yummy and was kind of addicted to it. It is not a protein powder, and it does have a bunch of vitamins. I thought it was yummy. I did NOT lose any weight while I was taking it. It has a a good amount of sugar in it. It is expensive, at least it was for me. I couldn't keep it up. I now satisfy my addiction with an all natural chocolate cereal I found made from rice and beans. I am losing weight now. I am not bashing it, just telling my experience. Yes, lots of people have used it and lost weight, but I don't think it's due to the Shakeology itself. From what I was told, the reason you lose weight with it is because it's filling and it's supposed to curb all of your cravings. (It didn't for me, but it has for others) You can do just fine without the Shakeology with a balanced diet and exercise. I've had BeachBody videos for years and for years didn't even know it existed.
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    shell1005 wrote: »
    Oh...the it isn't just protein powder, it has VITAMINS argument! LOL I knew it wouldn't take long.

    You are right, it is not just protein powder. It's bloated protein powder with a bunch of other garbage you don't need.

    A multi-vitamin also had vitamins. A balanced diet also has vitamins.

    Where was anyone making the "it has vitamins" argument.
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    At $4.33 / shake, the only weight you will be losing with Shakeology will be from your wallet.

    That's what it costs??? Whoa.

    OP, you can buy protein powder for less than $1/serving at Target, Walmart, etc. But you don't even need that to lose weight--just a caloric deficit. There's nothing special about the diet plans/shakes that come with those programs. They're just holding your hand and it doesn't sound like you need it.