Over 50 with Over 50 to lose

I've tried to use this several times and thought it was too much trouble. But, I know that many people say that once you get started with your main foods it will become easier. Any ideas out there on that topic?


  • sharper58
    sharper58 Posts: 17 Member
    am in the same boat, need motivation badly
  • openlynoted
    openlynoted Posts: 21 Member
    Hi, I'm 50 with 40 to lose. I started on June 1st, 2015. For me, browsing through the discussions is a great motivation. You get to look at other people's food diaries and exercise diaries to see how everyone else is going about their weightloss. I need friends, especially those my age to keep me motivated. Can I add you?
  • thelectricguy
    thelectricguy Posts: 8 Member
    I really need to loose 100 lbs. have used this site before loosing 42 lbs. Could not keep it off. So I'm back again. With health issues!
  • kjurassic
    kjurassic Posts: 571 Member
    It does get easier and with time it become habit, just like brushing your teeth. Is it too much trouble to be 50 pounds overweight? I'm 60 and have lost 94 pounds - logging my food truthfully has been the key to my success.