Progress with pics

hi all,

I've been doing this for 5 weeks now and feel like I can't see any progress, it's getting me down!

I started at 160lb and now at 151lb. Am I being dramatic?! I see no difference!!!' I've posted pics for help!


  • alexelmer
    alexelmer Posts: 44 Member

    Sorry pics didn't upload before...
  • procolorer
    procolorer Posts: 326 Member
    I definitely see some changes!! Everything seems to be looking more toned! Great job!
  • JillUrbina
    JillUrbina Posts: 32 Member
    Your booty looks more lifted and your sides seem especially more trim. Don't give up, you're doing great!
  • alexelmer
    alexelmer Posts: 44 Member
    Ah I still don't really see it, but thank you all x
  • BigMamaLynsey
    BigMamaLynsey Posts: 390 Member
    More toned and your waist has shrunk. Deffo a difference!! I lost 9lbs so far, and I had taken before n after pic and the difference is very noticeable. Great job!
  • mday2107
    mday2107 Posts: 34 Member
    Sometimes taking pictures in a specific outfit that's a little snug to start and taking those same photos can help too. To see the way the clothes hang differently on your body may help you see it quicker.
  • jkwolly
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    I really like that purple bra :love:
  • cfpcyclist
    cfpcyclist Posts: 30 Member
    Great progress so far. You can keep this up and become more and radiant every day! Also, I agree with jkwolly!
  • cjsacto
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    Are you measuring? Sometimes the measuring tape will show you what the mirror doesn't. Are clothes a bit looser? I took pics at 10 lbs lost and didn't even bother to post them, I had to zoom in and look really closely for changes - they were subtle. I'm close to 20 lbs down and I really hope to see a difference then.
  • samhennings
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    alexelmer wrote: »
    Ah I still don't really see it, but thank you all x

    Looks to me like you lost a little from all over, rather than a lot from one area.

    Makes it much harder to spot, especially when you see yourself every day.

    I think there is a huge difference, and I think yuo look great - keep going!

  • ronnymontoya255
    ronnymontoya255 Posts: 25 Member
    There definitely is a difference that I can see. Keep at it!
  • Hollisamara
    Hollisamara Posts: 106 Member
    There is a big difference! You can really tell you've lost weight x
  • JoJo__Fit
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    That awesome!!!!
  • megcorey
    megcorey Posts: 49 Member
    Yep lifted
  • IammeCA
    IammeCA Posts: 63 Member
    The easiest place to see the difference is in the legs. Note that the feet are about the same distance apart then look at the space between the calves and lower thighs.

    Definate progress. Congratulations.
  • heather4949
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    You have lost girlfriend......keep going you are doing great...
  • matt88uk
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    Yea can see slight change but 5 weeks isn't enough to see dramatic changes you thanks yourself in 5 month tho for sticking it out ;)