Age 23-30



  • Vickilick
    Vickilick Posts: 81 Member
    27 and proud :) Feel free to add me.
  • shauna88
    shauna88 Posts: 3 Member
    am 27 add me
  • jetbot33
    jetbot33 Posts: 7 Member
    What's wrong with 20? Why such a specific range??
  • nohara1
    nohara1 Posts: 1 Member
    25 joined today.... :) lots of weight to lose..
  • ChiliPepperLifter
    ChiliPepperLifter Posts: 279 Member
    Hi! 27 and counting lol. I was hoping to stay 25 forever. Feel free to add me! I'm looking for more people my age with similar activity for motivation. :)

    Ufhhhh I know, me too! Another 28 year old that feels as if she's still 24. I just look slightly older now! And fatter...
  • lia_1992
    lia_1992 Posts: 47 Member
    I'm 23!
  • charlotteX92X
    charlotteX92X Posts: 344 Member
    23 :smile:
  • pipo0984
    pipo0984 Posts: 309 Member
    Im in the limit!!! 28! feel Free to add all :)
  • JamieM8168
    JamieM8168 Posts: 248 Member
  • yopeeps025
    yopeeps025 Posts: 8,692 Member
    27 here and the smallest I have ever been in over literally half of my life.
  • katieg796
    katieg796 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm 23 and feel the same!!
  • mandalitt
    mandalitt Posts: 10 Member
    29, feel free to add :)
  • roxilegend
    roxilegend Posts: 55 Member
    I'm 23, as well. There's definitely more of us here than you think!
  • tslawson3
    tslawson3 Posts: 41 Member
    28 and just joined yesterday! I'd like some dedicated friends for motivation as well. Add me :smile:
  • johnnythehm
    johnnythehm Posts: 8 Member
    22 feel free to add
  • markiend
    markiend Posts: 461 Member
    LOL at the 29 years olds sneaking in before Carousel :P
  • amy_j28
    amy_j28 Posts: 45 Member
    25 here! I've found a few connections through Instagram too, usually in the same age range :) Feel free to add me.
  • earndien
    earndien Posts: 199 Member
    i am the tender age of 27!!! still a spring chicken its just my bones that are old........... hahaha add me....
  • KandieCarmella
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    jetbot33 wrote: »
    What's wrong with 20? Why such a specific range??

    Nothing it's just an age range that I relate to....
  • Myrnlvr
    Myrnlvr Posts: 16 Member
    I fit this category for a few more months, provided OP meant inclusive? 30 here, looking to expand my circle as my motivation is... Waning.