low oxalate kidney stone diet

Is there anyone else following this? I could use some help.


  • wanttobefit300
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    Did your doctor give you some instructions as to what you can and can't eat? You might need to see a nutritionist to find that out. Then you can set up mfp to help you follow it, and we can help with that. Not sure you should be listening to anyone on a forum as to what you should eat for any medical condition.
  • azulvioleta6
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    Just google it.

    The good news is that it works! I've gone 20 years without another stone.
  • EvanKeel
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    Yeah, go with whatever guidance your physician provides. Foods generally fall in a range in terms of how high or low the oxalates are, which can also varied by preparation (e.g. coffee beans that one might eat as candy covered in chocolate vs brewed coffee).

    The real kicker is if you're also diabetic. The two lists of food guidelines to not leave a huge variety of options.
  • aoverho4
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    My husband follows this for kidney stones. A lot of very healthy foods are high in oxalate.
  • angelexperiment
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    Beets, kale, spinach. But you can counter it by raking bone meal and vutamin c to counteract the oxalates.
  • angelexperiment
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    Or I should say you take ut when eating them like in a smoothie put in the bone meal powder abd vit c.