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What's the most you've eaten in one day?



  • Nyappykim
    Nyappykim Posts: 57 Member
    This was back before I really wanted to lose weight and had a very bad problem with binging. I went out to one of my favorite restaurants with my boyfriend one time. In preparation for the meal, I didn't eat anything all day which I now know is a terrible decision. When we got to the restaurant, I was starving and wanted to eat everything. We ordered an appetizer to share which was crab nachos and I ate more than half of it. Then ate my entire order of crispy jumbo shrimp and fries with a glass of Sprite and a refill. On top of that, later that night, he wanted to get some Mexican food. I got myself nachos and ate all of it and it was a very large serving. I went to bed feeling terrible.
  • Zombella
    Zombella Posts: 490 Member
    I get grossed out thinking of how much I used to eat. When I would hang out with another friend who also ate a lot, I would drive to multiple fast food places and chow down. Sometimes I even got a large pizza as well to throw in the mix. Way too much cheese and potatoes.
  • FoxyLifter
    FoxyLifter Posts: 965 Member
    One time I ate an entire pizza by myself, but left the crust for breakfast. I bet that day was so freaking high.
  • JanetMMcC
    JanetMMcC Posts: 410 Member
    Depending on which pizza you got, and which size, a Papa John's extra large will run 3,000 to 4,200 calories, including crust, for the "standard builds". A large maxes out at 3200; a large thin-crust at 2720.

    Guess who had a yen for pizza and lives near a PJ's? :)
  • janisvin
    janisvin Posts: 72 Member
    Congratulations on getting engaged! I remember in college I could eat a dozen donuts at once no problem. And have room for more! Thankfully my diets much healthier now but I fantasize about 'eating for the apocalypse,' lol! Good luck, you can get past this!
  • aarar
    aarar Posts: 684 Member
    Shortly after I joined MFP I calculated what I had been eating previously, and I was anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 calories a day.
  • becca_maee
    becca_maee Posts: 144 Member
    I'm not sure... since I started my diet/exercise? I had had a bad day and emotionally ate, usually when I'm sad/upset I can't eat because I get nauseas when I'm upset but that day I was just like fnck it all. I think I had a smoothie, a bowl of sherbert, 1 1/2 soda, 1/2 sandwich, hostess cupcake, 3 mini philly cheese steaks all at once then I went and did an hour on the stationary bike to try to make myself feel better lol

    Before that though... gosh I don't know. I use to only have coke or dr pepper to drink. I probably had about 4 cans a day, for breakfast I would have bacon, egg sandwich with mayo, grits with butter, toast with jelly. Lunch would be pizza bites smothered with ranch or something equally as unhealthy... Supper I'd have whatever. I used to could eat half a whole pizza. Or 2/3 sandwiches from fast food places. Would go back for 2mds or 3rds of supper. Would eat cakes cookies, etc for snacks and just fast food in general a lot I'm sure I had tons on calories.

    It's funny in a way. I weighed 91-105 lbs and I could eat like that and had what I saw as a beautiful body. I didn't work out or anything. Before that (I was about 12) had weighed 140-150 then I got sick (anorexia/bulimia) and got down to 91-105 then got help and started eating that way. Surprisingly didn't gain it back) That's when I was 14 all the way up to when I got pregnant at 18. Then I started to eat better thru my pregnancy but after I had her I have so much fat on me it's ridiculous. I'm 119 lbs now I lost 10 so far. Now I'm eating like what feels like a rabbit compared to how I used to eat and only drink water. And excersizing. I feel myself try to slip back into some of those tend ivied of starving and binge/purge but I stop myself. It's weird that I feel healthier now, but have so much extra fat and use to I was a stick but felt awful bc of how id eat and just sit all day.

    But yeah that's my life story lololol
  • JanetMMcC
    JanetMMcC Posts: 410 Member
    becca_maee - Good on you for being able to stop yourself from going into the starving/binge/purge cycle.

    One question: Are you sure the "so much extra fat" is indeed extra, and not the eyes of anorexia looking at healthy curves?
  • iwantmydenimback
    iwantmydenimback Posts: 194 Member
    two double cheese burgers, a small fry, a small onion ring, and a piece of hershey's chocolate pie from burger king. about half a box of cake mix. a full order of spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips, a full order of penne alfredo with chicken, and half an order of chicken tenders with fries and ranch from applebees. this used to happen in some combination at least 3 times a month. i'm basically disgusting.
  • cjsacto
    cjsacto Posts: 1,421 Member
    edited June 2015
    Years ago, I used to go to brunch at an Italian all-you-can-eat buffet with friends. I'd have some of every dish without meat and several desserts. A couple of times I threw up, not because I wanted to purge but because I just literally ate myself sick - the only times I have ever done that. I cannot imagine how many calories. I have eaten an entire pizza or pot of spaghetti, but this was way more.

    Edit to add: I still go to buffets on a regular basis but I can hit it in about 500-700 calories now. It's kind of a big thing where I live.
  • LittleMiss1D10
    LittleMiss1D10 Posts: 24 Member
    The most I ever had in one day was about a year ago. I ate tons of potato chips, almost an entire package of Oreos, and 4 pop tarts. For dinner I had fried chicken with heaps of mashed potatoes. And for breakfeasf I had 3 plate-sized pancakes with sausage and bacon. I almost puked!