Tips for Weight Loss, From My Experiance

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*I realize it's spelled "Experience"... my baaaaad...

1. It's true that not all calories are made equal because food digests differently, but don't worry about that until you have some experiance under your belt and know what works for you.

2. Plan your meals, it makes it 100% easier to hit your goals if you just plan what you're going to be eating.

3. Cardio is great for burning calories, HIIT is best for cardio.

4. Weight lifting is also great for burning calories, even actual heavy weight that makes your muscles very tired after 8-10 reps, is good for everyone (even women) and necessary if you don't want to look sick skinny by the time you reach your goals. You won't bulk like a man even if you try.

5. Include weight lifting! It will keep you from being bored with 100% cardio which sucks for most people. Not everyone is a character in a Nike commercial who "loves to run... and all that other horse ****... blah blah blah...", and that's OK.

6. Cheat days are not a big deal, just keep in mind that they will slow your progress... that's all. Just pick up the next day, you're a badass.

7. EVERYONE's weight fluctuates by about 4-6 lbs per day depending on when/what you ate/drank. Don't freak out, it's actually stupid to flip out about this when you think about it. Think of your body like a grocery bag... it get heavier as you put things in it and lighter as you take things out.

8. If it won't make you crazy, keep #7 in mind and consider weighing yourself everyday in the morning before eating. Then take the lowest weight in a 7 day period and use that to keep track of your progress. This is good because you can't fake your low weights... while eating a little more, digesting a little slower, or drinking a little more can give the impression on the scale that you are heavier.


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    Cool list! I do number 8 :flowerforyou:
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    Ditto! Thanks for posting. ONWARD :)
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    That's cool, I thought I was the only one. Figured it out on my own you know :smokin: lol I can do it without freaking out (and I totally get why some people can't and that's cool), and it was so much better than weighing once a week.