Do you need to feel hungry to lose weight?



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    Eat more protein and eat foods that are harder to digest, like canalop etc. you will not be hungry. If you haven't yet, try QUEST bars and chips. 20 G protein. You can buy them at GNC.
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    After a while of being hungry all the time, you kind of forget about it. Sunday night, I ate till I was full for the first time in a long time. It actually felt strange to no feel a little hungry.
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    I'm fortunate because I happen to really like broccoli. Foods that are high in protein and in fiber are your best friends.
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    I was rarely more hungry than "oh, it's supper time" while losing weight. When I would get to the point where I was hungry regularly, I took it as a sign that I needed a week off. So I'd finish my week and then take the next week off to eat at maintenance (logging and exercising as usual) and then by the end of that week I'd be back to my normal non-hungry self.
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    Thanks all. Will try setting weight loss goal to 1 pound and see how that feels for a week or two.

    I find myself looking at thin women and wondering "are you hungry ALL of the time???" Haha I might just start asking them.

    Keep in mind that as you lose weight your calorie intake also needs to decrease even further, and that itself will take a small adjustment period.
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    Some days are worse than others for me. We have very similar stats and goals. Lately I have been eating smaller amounts more often, drinking lots of water, and chewing lots of gum. This is my diary, if you want to peek. Word of warning, I do eat treat meals, so my weekly cals are higher than yours.
    That link goes to my personal diary (it's a generic link, not specific to you). I was looking at it thinking, "Hey, she had maple breakfast sausage for breakfast, too!" Lol.

    Click on CoachJen71's name and then you can click on her diary.

    Well dang! LOL Thanks for the heads up!
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    Teddy_B wrote: »
    I'm fortunate because I happen to really like broccoli. Foods that are high in protein and in fiber are your best friends.

    I'm with you, I can eat a whole pound of broccoli alongside a chicken breast and be full for hours.
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    I used to eat 1200-1400/day, and I was hungry and miserable which would set me on a binge when my will power finally broke down. I decided this time around (after 5 years of binge eating/restrict/binge), to eat more. I'm eating 1750/day, losing 1 lbish a week (down 27 so far), and I'm rarely hungry. When I am, it is usually because I am bored or stressed or extremely tired, so I recognize that and make a decision on what to do. Normally once I recognize it, it passes....if it doesn't, I'll eat a little more, but still under maintenance. I'm in this for the long run, so figure a day here or there where I'm not at a deficit won't hurt me...maybe even help as when I am gentle with myself and allow myself to eat more, I stop myself from binging/"failing". Definitely try eating more - most of us severely underfeed ourselves when dieting and it makes it really hard to keep going over the long term.
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    I few stuffed eating lots of veggies with fiber.

    Not gonna lie, I thought no way I would lose weight at first...

    But it worked.

    I agree that once in a while feeling hungry is good. I like the flat belly feeling. Love handles are gone completely. Now just working on some belly fat pinches. Feeling hungry reminds me of what I am doing.

    And I know that is all mental. But the weight loss thing is also mental. Making your mind up and sticking with it!
  • jrline
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    no don't eliminate too much fat and you should not be feeling that way
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    A well balanced, varied, nutritious diet and a reasonable calorie intake - and both factors are individual - will normally result in only mild sensations of hunger before meals. How one interprets and reacts to those sensations may vary - due to eating habits, understanding of nutrition and satiety, and preference of fullness. All these factors can change, too.
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    I am on my phone and admit to not having read the full thread. Also your diary is not open so food choices cannot be meaningfully discussed.

    Are you never going to feel a little bit hungry? That would be a lie. But you should NOT be feeling significantly hungry and unable to resist gobbling up your food.

    If you are having trouble weighting your food and finding a database entry to log it without HAVING to dig in, you're on the too hungry side of things and it tends to lead to overeating and suboptimal choices.

    Your problem, frankly, is easy to pinpoint. At 10k steps you should be classified as active in mfp (with negative adjustments enabled to keep you consistent and aware on the days you don't step as much).

    To begin with that would probably push you above 1200/1400. And if not, you really should examine whether you need to be risking compliance by keeping to a 2lb a week goal when you can make life much easier and still lose the same weight within a few extra months by going to a 1.5 or 1lb goal.

    I don't know about you, but whether I reach my goal in December or next March doesn't really matter that much... it is not like I am planning to change much when that goal is eventually reached... not if I want to have a chance to maintain...
  • cwolfman13
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    i rarely had hunger pangs when I was losing weight. why do people think they have to suffer just to lose weight?
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    Maybe at first while you're getting into the swing of things, but if you look at your diet and can find things that are high in calories but not giving you much gut satisfaction, you can make adjustments to get more bang for your buck.
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    I've lost ~67lbs (minor fluctuation upwards today though) without being hungry throughout the day. I'm also about 5' 3".
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    i rarely had hunger pangs when I was losing weight. why do people think they have to suffer just to lose weight?
    I wouldn't call it suffering, but I'd rather have twice the hunger pangs for half the time, than have them for twice as long.
  • ChrisManch
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    If you wait till you are very hungry you WILL overeat. Much better to carry some portable healthy food, such as an apple, and eat it when you feel mildly hungry. The 115 Cals will stop you overeating later.
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    I feel hungrier now than I did when actively trying to lose weight. Its all about finding foods that make you feel full longest. They are different for each person. Like everyone says protein and fat. Well that just makes me hungry. Starchy carbs (that aren't too sweet) work best for me.
  • jaga13
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    I'm rarely physically hungry (unless it's legitimately time to eat a meal, and I eat according to plan). But I am eating for a .5 lb weekly loss (it's still only a whooping 1250 due to height, but I try to exercise enough for another 200 calories).

    But I am mentally/emotionally hungry some times. Although I know I physically don't need more food, sometimes I just want it.