Weight gain due to medication ?

Has anyone experienced weight gain while taking Meloxicam, I injured my ankle 3 weeks ago and have been taking it. I'm not trying to blame my recent gain on the meds, afterall I haven't been that active lately. I did notice that a pair of jeans I wore last week were too tight to wear today, I'm thinking water retention, maybe? Well just curious , I have taken extra care in monitoring my calories. I'm becoming bored & depressed a bit and that's where the extra eating can creep in !!!!


  • Rhumax67
    Rhumax67 Posts: 161 Member
    I googled it & it' s got a list of side effects a mile long. Why not call the doc & ask for something else.
  • RodaRose
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    Talk to a pharmacist if you do not want to talk to the doc. Maybe the med is causing depression as well.
  • merde_il_pleut
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    There is no good reason why that medication should cause weight gain. It's very tempting to blame it rather than take responsibility for your decrease in activity and increase in food intake, I know, but seriously. You broke your ankle, obviously you're sitting around more, and if you haven't decreased food intake accordingly OF COURSE you have gained weight. And it's not the medication!