Anyone want to chat about dogs?

CarterSimms Posts: 11 Member
I just got a new puppy and all of my friends are tired of hearing about her tricks that she's learning


  • sammieSQL
    sammieSQL Posts: 20 Member
    I have 8 dogs, I'll listen. ;)
  • CarterSimms
    CarterSimms Posts: 11 Member
    Thanks:) so she's a pit bull/lab mix, and a rescue, and she's learned things like 'out' is the command that means 'exit the room' or things like wait. She's not doing so well on drop it at the moment, but at least she stopped taking off running with whatever she's eating at the time. Usually my socks
  • dgoodie92
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    I've a Snoop Dog Album
  • Lisa1971
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    I love dogs! I have a 1 year old pitbull names Ruby. The kids and I taught her to sit, lie down, stay, come, shake, and roll over. Sometimes I think "she's SO smart!" and then she goes outside, eats cat poop, and totally changes my mind! LOL! Enjoy your new furbaby!
  • zcb94
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    I can't get ours to learn "out!", "scram!," etc. Then again, she is older, deaf and pre-abused. However, the stupid girl worships me and treats that nasty outside-dog scent like incense. I can't convince her that that's an insult, not adoration. I should SO toot on her, just to prove a point!
  • LarsEnnerberg
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    I have the best ridgeback pointer mix! She rocks! She is all about protecting the house but also the biggest snuggle bunny!
  • Spnneil06
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    I love my babies. They are currently sitting at my feet right now.
  • allaboutthecake
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    The best truck commercial ever....the dog riding in the back of the truck "Dogs Like Trucks!"
  • Bill8855
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    Snoop Dogg count?
  • TheLittleFangs
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    Hi all!

    Im looking for furry loving friends and found this thread. I recently got our first dog (although I have had several big breeds in the family growing up) she's a Boxador rescue.

    I'm Lucy, my dog is Poppy. I'm engaged to J and live in the UK if you'd like to connect?
  • SherryTeach
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    My dog, now four, just finished school. She knows: sit, stay, down, up, off, leave it, take it, zip it, calm, watch me, under, and over. I am very proud of her success!
  • Anise76
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    I love my dogs! I'm a serial greyhound rescuer, and we currently have two: Piri, a little black girl who is almost 7, and the sweetest thing on four legs, and Taika, who is a big, rambunctious four year old lunk. He runs into glass doors.
  • GiGiBeans
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    Ha my husband & I talk about our dog nonstop. I'm currently wearing an "I love Dogs" tank top and have on scotty dog earrings and am about to take him to the park for a walk. How old is your pup? Do you have a Facebook page & Instagram & YouTube set up for her yet? We just posted a zillion pics & videos of him at the beach.
  • bubaluboo
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    Can't talk too much about dogs to me! I have a mini schnauzer. 1.5 yrs old and totally adorable. Bonus is he keeps me fit and gets me running what ever the weather.
  • debsdoingthis
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    I have a 9 year old pit. When she was a pup, I thought she was so dumb in comparison to my older pittie. Turns out she was just a late bloomer. She's actually very smart and of course a big cuddly baby.
  • plaffo786
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    Dogs rock I've 4 all little nutters but such love bundles
  • Owlie45
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    I have a rottweiler. She's 9 I believe. Kicked out of training classes twice. The first time he said she wasn't ready. The second time he said sorry she's not gaining anything from us. And she wasnt. Got a refund. Took her a year but she finally mastered basic stuff. Now knows many and is pretty obeident. But she doesn't like other animals, barely tolerates my cat and hasn't seen my tortoise yet.
  • QAPmom
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    I have a 7 month old Boston Terrier (he's in my pro. pics) Fun and mischievous age!
  • SherryTeach
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  • Iscah13
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    I have this guy <3