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hey everyone. What is the right amount of calories I should be consuming in order to lose weight? I need recipes for breakfasts lunch and dinner. Anyone got tips? :)


  • juggernaut1974
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    Plug your stats, weight loss goals, and activity level into MFP and it will calculate an estimated starting calorie goal for you. Stick to that for a few weeks and adjust if necessary.
  • strong_curves
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    For every person it's different. And for recipes & food ideas, there's a Recipes forum here, lots of good ideas there.
  • iwantmydenimback
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    well, MFP is designed specifically to answer the first question for you. without providing any information about yourself, no one can tell you what you need to be eating.

    enter your information into the goals section of the website, or app, and follow the suggestions. if they don't work after 6-8 weeks, reevaluate.
  • SergeantSausage
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    More than zero, less than you're currently eating?

    How long is a piece of string, right?
  • Liftng4Lis
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    MFP will answer the first question, when you input your stats. As far as meal ideals, there is a recipe section here, just for that.
  • SezxyStef
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    what everyone else said...

    If you are interested in different meals etc...feel free to check my diary and yes I do share any recipe people ask for....I cook from scratch a lot...