When meal prepping how much rice is best to cook for a 1200 calorie diet???


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    Depends on the rice. Brown rice lets you have a little more bulk if you're on a low calorie diet. Basmati (unfortunately) hides a lot of calories. It's going to be different for sticky rice and wild rice, too. Stay away from the instant helper meals though. The flavored rice shoots up in calorie content super fast. We usually save those for days when we've accidentally skipped a meal or something.

    I'm on a 1200 cal restriction as well. I only make a cup and a half of white rice for two people - two cups if we're having a really hungry day. That usually nets me about 200 or so calories.

    Note: weigh by grams when you start actually serving it though - I'm only giving you rough estimates by cups because that's the easiest for a lot of people to visualize.
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    Whatever you can fit into your day. I pre-log my days sometime to plan out meals and calorie distribution.
    Make sure you weigh your rice on a food scale. Cups can be inaccurate, since they're best for liquids. You should weigh your solids.
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    Trader Joes has cauliflower rice that is almost identical in texture and flavor to rice!! It's amazing!! I am so thrilled about it I saw your post and had to mention it! Haha