Fitbit charge HR or Jawbone 3up?

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when I hit my -30lbs goal I wanted to reward myself with a fitness tracker. I'm halfway to my goal and was wondering which one of these I should get and would love your opinions on it. I still have a ways to go to hit my ultimate goal and I felt this would be a great way to focus on my exercise since that is the area I'm lacking in the most.


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    The last I heard, the heart rate sensors in the Jawbone UP3 did not yet work, but Jawbone promised a firmware update was coming. I've had an UP for a couple of years, and Jawbone customer service is awful.

    I also have a Fitbit Charge HR, and Fitbit customer service is amazing. You can learn more in the Fitbit Users group:
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    Thanks for the information. I'm leaning more towards the Fitbit.
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    I just got my fitbit charge HR about a week ago, and I am loving it. I was originally leaning toward the Jawbone UP3, but for some reason they decided to ship them without the continuous heart rate function activated. Basically, it reads your heart rate ONCE a day when you wake to get your resting heart rate. Which really, that's the only reason to get such an expensive activity tracker. While Jawbone has said they will eventually set the heart rate monitor to actually continuously monitor, I dunno. They also said the Jawbone UP3 would be waterproof, and they couldn't manage that either.
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    Lol I was going to say anything BUT a Fitbit. ugh. I don't know the Jawbone but I've had NOTHING but BAD experiences with Fitbit customer service. And the Charge HR is very confusing with its graphs and the way it does the math for the tracking. It has these little dials, sort of like your speedometer, that move throughout the day to tell you if you're "under", "over", or "in the zone". But they're weird because sometimes you'll be over your deficit calories and it will say "under" and other times it says "over". Then randomly my past days would change. Maybe Wednesday was "under" but then Friday morning I'd wake up and it would show "over" for Wednesday. Just random weird things.

    I emailed Fitbit and posted on the forums and got mostly answers like "it does take some getting used to, give it a week or so." But even my math-loving college student son couldn't figure it out. I sent it back and am now using a Nike Fuelband that belonged to my daughter (she bought something else). I needed to unlink it from her account and link it to mine. I couldn't figure out how to do it so I emailed customer service. I got a reply the next day with precise steps on how to do it. When I replied back to say thank you and that it had worked I got another reply saying "you're welcome, please email with any more questions you might have."

    Yeah, Nike Fuelband over Fitbit ANY DAY! ugh...

    (but like I said, I don't know the Jawbone...)
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    I have a jawbone and found their customer service amazing...

    I've been wearing mine for about 9 months now (first one crapped out partially my fault as I caught it on something) and Jawbone replaced it in less than 1 week.

    The 3 however has gotten some mediocre reviews so I am holding off updating my current one, esp since it works great.

    I am not a fan of HRM worn on the wrist anyway...and they are only good for steady state cardio anyway so I may just upgrade to the Jawbone2 when I do need to.

    Not a fan of fitbit ...I have one at home that I won and I found that it was stingy with active calories...I shovelled snow for gave me six active minutes....I prefer my Jawbone for the looks of it too...I don't feel like I am wearing a cheap plastic watch...but rather a piece of jewellery.
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    There is a chance the UP3 will never do continuous tracking - it might be a technological impossibility with the sensors they use. They already shipped late and removed water proofing. That's low trust
    Shame, I hear up does better sleep functions and I like their app's UI better.
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    As it stands, the UP3 is terrible and not worth the money at all. I'm about to send mine back. That may change if they ever update the firmware, but to them, "soon" meant 6 months when they were taking preorders, so who knows when "soon" will arrive for the firmware?
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    Thanks you guys. I'm definitely looking for something that will read my heart rate but I am open to suggestions! I will look into the Nike one as well.